Reasons to Choose N95 Respirators Over Surgical Face Masks

Img Source - Fortune

The growing demand of face masks has propelled mask makers to ramp up production facilities and provide essential PPE for everyone’s safety. The current threat of COVID-19 and its variants has worsened over the past year mainly because of neglecting the importance of personal protective measures. Wearing face masks is the new norm and we certainly cannot put them aside even if the emerging variants take a break. It is crucial to take all necessary actions including maintaining social distance, practicing hand hygiene, and wearing face masks in order to minimize transmission of coronavirus.

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N95 Respirators and COVID-19 Vaccines

Most people are now propelled for getting vaccinated against coronavirus and the rest are compelled by a highly contagious variant known as Delta variant. What that means is the immediate need for following the recommendations issued by medical experts so as to defeat upcoming variants. Face masks and vaccines are collectively very effective for protection against COVID-19. While an N95 respirator filters at least 95% of the contagious particles efficiently, vaccines reduce the severity of infection. It is true that disposable surgical face masks are better than having no face cover at all but they are less effective than N95 respirators.

Long Time Wear

N95 face masks made in USA are best known for their leak proof design and highly efficient filter. What’s even more interesting is the fact that these masks can be worn comfortably for long hours at work. However, wearers should wear them as long as they can breathe comfortably to allow the filter do its work. The comfortable design includes adjustable nose clips, latex free dual head straps, and molded or foldable cup to help the mask stay in place while securing its seal. N95 face masks offer a better fit compared with the surgical ones as the loose ear strings do not help much securing a tight seal.

No Need for Double Masking

N95 respirators are designed with a highly efficient filter for optimal protection against contagious particles and dust. Ideally, there is no need to add up layers on an N95 face mask as it will cause difficulty breathing. While disposable surgical face masks and cloth masks may require double masking for maximized protection against the virus. Face shields are another option to protect yourself from inhaling harmful contagions although these may not seem as feasible as face masks. Medical Supply All makes it very convenient for the buyers to choose from a variety of personal care products on a single platform with free shipping on orders over $80. The choice between the well-reputed brands is yours.