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4 Tips for Spring Cleaning

After the long cold months of winter, spring is finally here, and it is time for spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is a tradition, and a perfect opportunity to start afresh. But, where do you start with spring cleaning? Whether you hire professional home cleaning services or prefer DIY, the following tips come in handy…

1. Declutter First

Decluttering is the first step of spring cleaning. After some time cleaning, you will realize that you have many items that you do not need in your house. This can be old furniture, kitchen equipment, clothes, empty boxes, and much more. These items eat up space and clutter your home, and yet they are of no benefit to you.

When decluttering, remember to sort out your items. Separate those in good condition from the junk. You can donate or sell those items in good condition and dispose of the junk. Decluttering is easy because you know what you need and do not need in your house. 

2. Have a Plan

After decluttering, you need to make a list of the steps to follow, areas to clean, and when to clean the different areas in your home. Do not try to clean the whole house at once. First identify areas that need a thorough clean up, for instance, the kitchen, office, garage, furniture, bathrooms, etc. and then spread the work out over the week or month. This is more productive and will yield better results. However, this is not the case when you work with professionals. The experts have the workforce, experience and the right tools, and can clean up your house in a day or two perfectly.

3. Prepare Your Kit

Before you start your cleanup project, you must have all the cleaning supplies you need at hand. You already know which areas need your attention, and therefore choosing and buying the right supplies won’t be a problem. Get all the essential, including rubber gloves, sponges, cloths, bleach, brushes, furniture and glass polish, all-purpose cleaner, bin bags, etc. The same case applies if you hire professional home cleaning services. Let them know which areas they will be cleaning so that they come with the right cleaning kit.

4. Time to Get Dirty

With everything else ready, it is time to get dirty. It is time to go over and beyond your usual home cleaning. Be as thorough as possible. Always start from the top down and not the other way. Most importantly, as you follow your cleaning plan, pay attention to the following areas as they rarely get your attention:

  • Inside Light Fixtures
  • Over Ceiling Fan blades
  • On and around windows
  • Door frames and molding
  • Around the AC vents
  • Inside the washing machine (tips here) and microwave
  • Between refrigerator coils

While spring cleaning may seem like an easy project, this is not the case for many people. Some people do not have the time, and others do not trust their abilities. Even those experienced DIYers make mistakes when it comes to spring cleaning. This is why it is crucial to hire professional cleaning services.

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