6 Tips for the Right Tea Packaging

As a tea business entrepreneur, it is essential to acknowledge how influential tea packaging is. Not only does it create the first impression about your brand but it also represents product quality and directly affects clients’ purchase decisions. 

But what makes tea packaging so important? How can a tea brand like yours use packaging and design to its advantage? In this article by Packlion, you will find the answers to these and other relevant questions regarding tea packaging. 

What makes packaging so important? 

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world, loved and worshiped by people from different cultures all across the globe. As a versatile and universal drink, the bar is set so high when it comes to consumer preferences, tea quality, flavors availability. But sometimes selling the finest tea is not enough to stand out and be perceived as a remarkable tea brand. 

The tea packaging is what clients see first, whether they shop in-store or online. So before you earn their trust, you have to win them over with visually appealing branding and alluring packaging design that accurately represents product content, quality, and brand values.

Once people start recognizing your brand through your unique tea packaging, you will notice a sudden boost in sales and consumer interest. From then on, you can build a positive image and increase brand awareness organically. 

6 tips for successful tea packaging solutions

Identify your customers

Before you start elevating your tea leaf packaging or teabag box design, you need to identify your target audience and understand their needs. 

Think about what makes your tea so special and different, and how you can communicate it to the public to create an emotional response. Once you know that, you will be able to create a unique tea packaging design people would love as much as they love your products. 

Differentiate your brand

There are way too many tea brands on the market. Thus the only way to stay relevant in this field is by offering high-quality products in attractive packaging. Visually blending in with other tea companies is not a viable option that will bring you profit in the long term.

Instead, see what your main competitors are doing in terms of packaging and go the opposite way. Be different, be bold, be unique. Experiment with packaging even. This is a very successful strategy to create a packaging design that is versatile, stands out, and is easily recognizable. 

Choose attractive visuals

Visually appealing tea packaging is always the final goal. To make the most out of the tea box design, brands need to make important decisions on branding, colors, fonts, shapes, and the overall theme of the packaging. Tea companies have to use attractive (and relevant) visuals to trigger an emotional response and convince a client to buy their product. 

Go for eco-friendly options

Tea is made of herbs, fruits, and other natural ingredients. So why not stay close to nature with your packaging, too? With sustainable and eco-friendly tea packaging, you are being open about your views on preserving nature, reducing footprint, and making a positive change in the world. 

Such a statement through product packaging is bound to attract aware and conscious customers and help you build a reputation as an eco-friendly brand. But the benefits are not only for your tea company but also for the environment. Sustainable packaging materials are lightweight, mendable and customizable, biodegradable, made of renewable resources, and fully recyclable.

Choose the right materials 

As we already mentioned, the best tea packaging materials are eco-friendly ones. Traditional teabags contain up to ⅕ plastic and take years to dissolve, says the BBC. At the same time, sustainable tea bags preserve the drink aromas and flavors just as well and are safe to dispose of, since they organically dissolve within a few weeks. 

As for the outer packaging, we recommend going for tea boxes made of renewable materials, such as paper or cardboard. These materials are very light and easy to store and transport, reducing the carbon footprint of your business. They are also easy to recycle and repurpose. Due to their biodegradable qualities, you can also dispose of them like regular waste.

Make sure you get enough protection

Lastly, let’s not forget the main purpose of packaging – protection. While the attractive design plays a major role in customer inclinations, it is pointless if the tea packaging is low quality and fails to protect and preserve the product content. 

Keeping the tea safe from external elements (see why here) and damage during storage and transportation is a priority. So think about what type of tea packaging will work best for you (tea box, container, outer wrapping, etc). Have in mind, you would have different packaging needs, depending on the way you store tea, in a loose-leaf form or in tea bags. 

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