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Americans Save $44 Billion by Using LED Light Strips, Says U.S Department of Energy

The U.S Department of Energy has reported that Americans save up to $44billion because of installing energy saving strip LED lights. Such a report published by a reputable source shows why there has been a rising demand for this type of lighting in recent times.

Such products that consume less energy are environmentally friendly. This is a benchmark that many people use to make purchasing decisions in these times.

The whopping amount of savings gained by the American public makes it worth our while to examine and discover why the LED light strip products are so effective. Here’s what we found out…

LED Light Strips Last For a Long Time

Long-lasting lighting products should be in every home. While the initial purchase cost is soon forgotten, the homeowner will not need to bother about spending money to replace these LED light strips any time soon.

For example, a 12W LED light strip has an extensive burn time of 25,000 hours. It is not surprising that so many consumers choose these LED lights.

Easy Installation

It is so easy to install the LED lights strips. You can do it by yourself without any technical know-how. On the other hand, it won’t be difficult to find a technician who can help you install these light strips if you prefer to enlist the services of a professional.

Colour Variety

If you are thinking of mixing color shades, you will have the opportunity to choose different light color shades that match the space where you would like to install the product.

No Worries About Heat Generation

Many people have abandoned the incandescent and halogen lights in their homes because those products generate too much heat energy. Heat generation won’t be a problem if you have LED light strips installed.

We also realised that it is so easy to get a quote online. Before making the switch to install strip LED lights, a quote will reveal the quantity of LED strips that you need. The quantity is measured in lengths.

It costs more money to install longer lengths of LED light strips when compared to shorter lengths. After an assessment, you will get a quote to go ahead.

The ease of purchasing these light strips has encouraged many people to replace their old lighting systems with the energy efficient option, which is cheaper to run over time.

For those people who would rather have indoor lighting that does not emit UV rays, LED light strips are perfect for this purpose. High intensity UV or mercury rays can cause health risks. You will be much safer with strip LED lights illuminating the interior of your building.

Go for the greener option today, and you will not regret it!

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