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Barrier Reef Island That Was Once Won By Poker is Now On Salem, Reports CNN

A properly maintained private island as in Southern Great Barrier Reef of Australia is on the market — in time for those that want a place to drive out the Covid-19 epidemic,

Based 14 kilometers away or a 30-minute boat rides off of the Queensland coast, Pumpkin Island offers a private beach, a decent bay lined with fresh oysters as well as a self-contained resort for alternative energy sources.

Wayne & Laureth Rumble actually own the island, via their business Sojourn Retreats.

“and during an epidemic, it was the perfect place to spend lockout,” the couple informs CNN Travel by email.

“It’s sheltered, private, and yet you’re totally free to walk around, be out there… our kids played on the playground, also on the beach as well as on life felt very casual before we turned on the tv.”

It’s registered on the marketplace for AUD25 mill, or USD $17 mill, with such a rolling lease up to 2046, CNN affiliate 9News says.

The first “further than carbon neutral” island within Australia — recouping 150 percent of its annual greenhouse emissions for gas — perhaps one of the most affordable hotels in the world, Pumpkin Island includes five self-contained beach cabins that accommodate up to 34 guests.

Besides using solar and wind power, the island also has a filtering system which transforms rainwater to drinking water.

Other amenities include 2 oceanfront bungalows (full of games rooms, lounge area, and library), an authorized bar and lounge area, 2 registered moorings, a helipad, and a custom-built 36-passenger yacht.

You may also purchase a separate oyster contract, “allowing people to shuck oysters from off cliffs,” the listing says.

Earned in a game of poker, made popular on a beer commercial

Before 1961, the island was also an oyster farm owned by a man named Snigger Findlay.

“(A couple named) Roger and Merle Mason fell madly in love with the Pumpkin Island, and yet Snigger didn’t want to sell it. then when Roger challenged Snigger to a poker game, he said that even though he wins Snigger will have to sell the Pumpkin island to Roger. So Roger actually won and finally bought the Pumpkin island for £ 60,” the Rumbles say.

Upon reading an advertisement in the journal, the Rumbles purchased the island in 2003 for AUD1.3 mill (USD909,000).

The island was also leased between the 2012 and 2015 years by a Queensland beer firm to advertise their Castlemaine XXXX beer, plus during this period it was later renamed to XXXX Island.

“If they find the new golden beer can in the beer case, their potential customers might win an all-cost-paid holiday for themselves and other three friends here to the island. Much like Charlie and Chocolate Factory,” the Rumbles claim.

The couple later is saying they started selling the Pumpkin island because they wanted to get closer to their New Zealand relatives.

“We would love to turn over the Pumpkin island to anyone who will care about it as much as we are caring. It’s a very unique place and hopefully, the new owners will take as much joy and happiness in the beauty and beautiful nature as we do now.”

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