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Pinpointing an exact date when someone came up with the concept of an alternate reality is difficult. However, harnessing the power of technology to craft imaginary environments began in 1962 with Sensorama, when cinematographer Morton Heilig developed this mechanical contraption that allowed users to feel what it is like driving along the streets of Brooklyn in a motorcycle.

In the modern consumer space, VR tech blew up in 2016. That is when companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple announced that they had formed departments focusing on bringing VR games to homes everywhere. That endeavor did not prove to be a massive success. Nevertheless, today, along with the rise of metaverses, VR is making a resurgence after years of striving for mainstream appeal.

All that said, VR games have been widely available in Nevada’s visitor-crazed areas for years. Many Sin City establishments have dedicated VR rooms, and the same goes for the city’s arcades. Plus, exclusive businesses exist that focus on providing diverse Virtual Reality-powered fun in and around the Strip. Curiously, no casino in Vegas has linked their VR technology to their gaming floors. That would be super interesting for those who wish to gamble remotely, as it would be even more authentic than playing at live dealer casinos.

Below, we count down what most locals and tourists consider the best VR spots in town.

VR by Zero Latency – MGM Grand Las Vegas

Best known to the world for its lion logo, the MGM Grand is the most massive hotel in the US, boasting close to seven thousand rooms. When it opened (1993), it ranked first in this category, but now it is in the number three spot. The Blackstone Group owns this property, which those in Vegas can find on the Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana intersection. The venue’s precise location is 3799 South Las Vegas Boulevard, and its theme is art-deco.

Zero Latency is an Australian VR tech company founded in 2013. It is that country’s VR pioneer, and in the US, it currently collaborates with ten locales offering its products to residents of ten different American cities. Their free-roaming 2,000-square-foot arena at MGM’s entertainment lounge Level UP is super impressive, featuring four distinct artificially-molded adventures. The most famous of these is Zombie Survival, better known to everyone as VR Zombie.

Virtualis VR – Rancho Drive

Virtualis VR rivals the Zero Latency-powered arena at the MGM Grand, as it is also a 2,000-square-feet arena where players can enjoy an un-tethered twenty to twenty-five-minute VR experience utilizing advanced headsets and backpacks. The effects this room offers include scents, wind, and simulated fire.

There are six games to choose from here. They are Tikal Night of the Blood Moon, Temple of the Diamond Skull, Patient Zero, Show-Down, The Lost City, and Patient Zero Escape. The cost of sessions in each one is either $55 or $60, depending on the game. The number of teams also varies per pick, as does the minimum required age. Interested parties can find Virtualis VR at Area 15, Suite 240, 3215 S Rancho Drive.

Sandbox VR – The Venetian

Inspired by Star Trek’s Holodeck, the Sandbox is Vegas’ original VR room. It lets its users get immersed in virtual spaces thanks to 3D precision body trackers, motion capture cameras, and haptic suits. The Sandbox VR’s management crew claims that what they offer in the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort is not reproducible elsewhere.

The games supplied by the Sandbox are the Curse of Davy Jones, Star Trek: Discovery – Away Mission, Deadwood Mansion, Unbound Fighting League, and Amber Sky 2088. The working hours of the Sandbox are every day from 11 AM to 12 AM. Bookings are available via phone at 401-702-4446.

VR Adventures – The LINQ

VR Adventures is a theme-park-like ride inside the LINQ resort, a two-minute walk from the High Roller Observation Wheel. On the LINQ promenade, visitors can locate it next to the Yard House, opposite Pier 30. It is open Monday to Thursday from 10 AM to 11 PM, and on the first two days of the weekend, the fun here goes an extra hour-long, while on the last, this locale is open till 10 PM.

The adventures on offer here include Soaring Superheros, the Screaming Skydive, Fly N’ Shoot, and the House of Horrors.

The Big Apple Coaster – New York New York

The Big Apple Coaster is somewhat of a Vegas landmark. It is the first roller-coaster ever to implement a 180-degree twist, which provides heart-racing fun for over 1.4 million people annually.

Individuals afraid of heights can enjoy a VR version of this attraction, added to the New York New York hotel on 3790 Las Vegas Boulevard South in 2018. It is a 4D experience that enhances the standard ride with an alien invasion motif.

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