Discover Exciting Bathroom Design Trends

Few people visit your home without asking to use the bathroom, one of the most highly trafficked living spaces in any house. With everyone using it, coupled with high moisture levels, the bathroom experiences plenty of wear and tear. Are you ready for something new and different? Discover some of the exciting trends to transform an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one.

Update the Vanity

A vanity serves multiple purposes in the bathroom, from providing a place to wash your hands to storage for essential items such as toilet paper and toiletries. There are numerous vanities to choose from based on the latest bathroom design trends. Some have two sinks, which is appropriate for larger bathrooms with multiple users. Others have a small sink and profile to fit smaller spaces. Choose from an array of colors and materials, as well as designs such as rustic, traditional, Asian, and much more. No matter what your design preferences, there is a vanity to complete your vision. Consider how much room you have in the bathroom, as well as your storage needs, when choosing a vanity that is both practical and beautiful.

Just Add Paint

One of the fastest and most affordable ways to update the overall look your bathroom is to paint the walls a different color. Select paint that will stand up to the ongoing water and traffic in this busy living space. Neutral hues, such as cream and dove gray, match almost any decor, making them flexible options when you want to swap out accessories for a fresh feel. Bold colors and pastels are available in every shade to offset a colorful design plan.

You may also wish to install a bathroom wall panel, such as those for sale by This will certainly give your bathroom a unique look.

Update the Flooring

Bathroom floors are constantly getting wet from showering and moisture in the area. Over time, they start to look shoddy and worn, detracting from the appeal of the space. Choose a flooring material that stands up to the test of time. Laminate is a budget-conscious option that works well in moist areas, while porcelain floors add a touch of class (available at PremierPorcelain). Natural tones, such as beige and grays, are popular now because of their timeless versatility.

Deep Soaking Bathtub

Taking a bath at the end of a long day is the ultimate way to wash away stress and unwind. Trying to fit into a standard bathtub is a challenge for many people. Deep soaking bathtubs have made a comeback because they offer more space. Another option is a jetted bathtub to relieve tired muscles and relax. Consider the current plumbing and what changes must be made to accommodate a larger tub or one with jets.

Framed Mirrors

Whether you are rushing out in the morning or going for dinner after a long day, everyone wants to look his or her best when heading out the door. Add plenty of framed mirrors to the bathroom for a trendy look that also offers plenty of space for people to prepare for the day. With multiple mirrors, two or more people can rush into the bathroom to get ready instead of waiting for someone to get out. Choose from round, square, rectangular, and eclectic shapes for a unique design that gives you lots of places to admire yourself.

Bring in the Spa

A simple way to turn your humdrum bathroom into a trendy one is adding plenty of spa features and accessories (more details). A jetted tub is the ultimate spa experience in any home bathroom. Other ways to bring the spa experience home include plush towels, luxurious throw rugs, and lighted mirrors. Include a few scented candles, lotions, and bubble bath to make the room inviting for bathing and all types of personal care. If you want to take it up a few levels, invest in monogrammed towels and bathrobes for customized comfort.

Beautiful Lighting

Integrated lighting offers plenty of illumination without being obvious, making it top bathroom trend right now. Adding a row of lights above the vanity mirror gives the room a Hollywood feel and provides plenty of light when men shave or women style their hair. Consider choosing energy-efficient lights to save money on utilities and go green. Plenty of efficient options exist that reduce energy use without compromising on style.

Water-Saving Toilet

Reducing utility bills is always a trendy thing to do, especially as costs continue to increase. A water-saving toilet is a perfect way to go green and save money, says HomeServe. Choose from a variety of models that fit into any bathroom design. Over time, the money you save on water will be worth the initial investment. Plus, your bathroom instantly reflects that you care about the environment and know how to save money.

Talk About Tile

Updating the tile in a bathroom is a smart way to keep it looking great for years to come. Marble tiles are a classic option and one of the trendiest choices today. Go beyond traditional marble colors and designs. Choose varieties in deep hues with sparkle or light tones with gold speckles. Bring a dash of drama into the room with marble tiles in unusual colors and designs. Shaped tiles are another way to give the bathroom a new look everyone is sure to admire.

Brushed Brass Fixtures

New fixtures are a fast way to update the bathroom without breaking the bank. The days of shiny brass fixtures are over, but you can still incorporate this eye-catching metal into your design plan. Brushed brass is the latest trend to add a classic yet luxurious feeling to your sink and tub. If you’re not ready to add that much brass, consider buying a mirror or sconce with brushed brass accents.

The bathroom is a place where we spend more time than we think. Every day, we enter the bathroom several times, and it should be inviting and functional. Following the latest trends helps you keep this essential space looking good and working properly. No matter what your budget, there are easy ways to refresh the restroom and make it place you feel proud to use and share with visitors.

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