Embarking on an Exclusive Journey: Win the French Canal Barge Lifestyle in a Unique Raffle Adventure

In an audacious and unprecedented move, Jim and Jehan Bailey, the adventurous pair who have fully immersed themselves in the allure of life aboard their delightful canal barge for the past five years, are now offering a golden opportunity for someone to inherit the keys to their floating paradise through an exclusive raffle.

Nestled along the serene waterways of France, Les Vieux Papillons goes beyond being just a residence for Jim and Jehan; it epitomizes the realization of dreams and acts as a gateway to a lifestyle that seamlessly blends tranquility with adventure. This exceptional abode has become a symbol of their shared passion for exploration.

Recalling their extraordinary escapades navigating the canals of France and delving into the rich history, people, and culture of the beautiful country, Jehan expresses, “Our experiences on LVP have been nothing short of extraordinary. Now, we want to extend this remarkable lifestyle to someone who will cherish it as much as we have.”

The decision to raffle off their beloved canal barge arises from a genuine desire to provide others with the chance to embrace the enchantment of life on the waterways. The couple envisions their home becoming a sanctuary for an individual seeking change, a fresh start, or an adventure away from the well-trodden path.

“We’ve amassed a treasure trove of unforgettable moments, from savoring wine on the deck under the stars to exploring charming French villages along the canals. We firmly believe that the winner of this barge will not only gain a unique home but also a portal to an entirely new way of life,” explains Jim.

The raffle, open to participants worldwide, presents an exclusive opportunity to claim ownership of this idyllic canal barge and embark on a journey promising both enrichment and enchantment. The fortunate winner will not only acquire a distinctive residence on the waterways of France but will also receive personalized guidance from Jim and Jehan in mastering the intricacies of the boat.

To participate in the raffle and seize the chance to make this exceptional canal barge your own, check out Raffall. Best of luck!

The raffle is currently underway and will conclude on March 10, 2024. The fortunate winner will be unveiled on March 11, 2024, signaling the commencement of their unique adventure on the tranquil waterways of France. Additionally, 5% of ticket sales revenue will be donated to GuideDogs.org to support those in need of sight dogs.

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About Jim and Jehan

Jim and Jehan, the intrepid couple, have made the canals of France their home for the past five years, accompanied by their two dogs, Guinness and Milie. Their decision to raffle off their canal barge mirrors a spirit of adventure, a love for exploration, and a desire to share the unique lifestyle they have cultivated with others.