Finding the Best High-VG Vape Juice

Due to increasing awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco smoking on health (see here), most of the smokers all over the world have accepted e-cigarettes and vaping devices as effective alternatives. In these vaping devices, a flavored liquid is used to give the users a feel of smoking a flavored cigarette. These e-liquids are also known as vape juices.

Commonly used CBD vape juices may include PG or Propylene Glycol vape juice and VG or Vegetable Glycerin vape juice. VG vape juices include the chemicals derived from vegetable oils whereas PG vape juice includes chemicals derived from a petroleum byproduct, Propylene Glycol. Thus, Propylene glycol (more info) or PG and vegetable glycerin or VG are the two chemicals which collectively help in making an e-liquid used for vaping. Both of these chemicals are the members of the alcohol family that can be heated to form vapors to be inhaled while vaping. Though both of these chemicals are odorless still their texture and qualities are different and for that reason, people switch from PG vape juice to VG vape juice because they are organic and natural.

In general PG or Propylene glycol e-liquid offers a hit on the throat whereas VG or vegetable glycerin e-liquid helps in thickening the clouds of vapors. Many people become addicted to VG juices because of their smooth vapors and the syrup like the taste they give. People chasing extremely dense clouds can also love to use 100% VG juices as they can also give thick clouds sometimes. But most of the vapers like to vape a blended mixture of VG and PG juices to enjoy the plus points of both the juices. The information provided here under will help you to choose the best high-VG vape juices for you.

What Is High-VG Vape Juice?

In fact, almost all the vaping juices include both PG and VG juices in different ratios. Earlier they used to have 90-95% PG juices but with the interference of WHO in 2014 the things have changed largely. WHO has suggested to include PG and VG juices in 50:50 ratios in the starting kits.

In order to provide a variety of e-juices to the vapers, the companies producing these e-juices have introduced High VG Juices and Max VG juices by increasing the percentage of VG content in them. In high VG juices, the ratio of VG and PG juices can be 70:30 or more.

How to find the best high-VG vape juice?

You cannot find an ideal high VG juice for you as they are available in different ratios in the market. So, to find the best high VG juice for you cannot follow a particular rule or regulation. Still, you can narrow down your search by following certain tips. These tips can help you in finding the most suitable high VG juice for you from the variety of juices available on the stores.

While choosing the best high VG juice, you should, first of all, fix your preferences – whether you want to vape out dense clouds or vape smoothly. Whatever be your preference, it is not ideal to vape 100% VG juices as they are not pleasant in taste. So you will have to choose for the combinations of VG and PG juices in different ratios to find the best high VG juice for you. But, the availability of hundreds of flavors on a vape shop can create an awkward situation for you when you will be unable to choose the best one for you. In such a situation you should either look at the brand of the e-cig you are using or consult the salesperson of the shop in this regard.

Advantages of using VG Vape Juice

  • Being natural chemical VG vape juice is thicker than PG vape juice and slightly sweet in taste.
  • VG juice provides a very smooth hit on the throat which makes it suitable for vaping experience in
  • VG juices are used as an effective alternative to PG juices since the inclusion of flavorings and nicotine has been banned in PG juices.

Side Effects of using high VG Vape juice

The most common side effects of using high VG vape juice may include:

  • Soreness in throat
  • Increased thirst
  • Increasing dryness in the mouth

Find the Right Ratio for You

When you are finding a right high VG e-liquid for you then you will have to buy a bottle containing the combination of VG and PG juices in certain ratios as you cannot vape pure VG juices unless you want to take part in a competition for making denser clouds. Actually, the taste of the juices containing both VG and PG juices will be much better than taking any of them individually as the mixture contains the qualities of both the juices. Your mixture will have better flavor due to the PG juice included in it whereas you will get better hits on your throat due to VG juice in it. You can go for high VG juice if you like to blow denser clouds instead of focusing on your smoking even if it is sweeter in taste.

Moreover, High VG liquids are not produced by all companies producing vaping accessories. In this situation, you will have to find the most suitable ratio for you which can be anywhere between 20:80, 30:70 and 40:60, etc. All these combinations can be termed as high VG juices. Similarly, you cannot find your favorite high VG juice on all vape shops as they may not have all of these ratios. In this situation, you will have to fix your preferences while choosing high VG juice of right concentration for you.

Actually, the right ratio of PG and VG vape juices for you will depend upon the type of experience you expect from vaping. You should go for high PG juice if you like a sharp hit on your throat but if you like smooth feeling in your throat then high VG e-liquid will be the right choice for you. Similarly, if you want to exhale denser clouds then high VG juice is preferable but if you want to vape modestly in public then high PG can be suitable for you.

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