Further Pokémon Toy Rights for Jazwares

Jazwares just received more extensive Pokémon toy rights, as their master rights for the product lines have been lengthened and expanded. Their manufacturing distribution rights will now include Germany, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, and the UK.

The international Pokémon Company granted Jazwares more distribution rights in the territories that already manufacturers for, including Mexico, Canada, and the United States. The two companies have been working together for a while now, and that looks to continue into the foreseeable future.

In January 2022, Jazwares distribution Pokémon product lines began to be handled by the local Jazwares team. Previously, the line was overseen by the company Character Options in Ireland and the UK. In other European countries, BOTI is losing the rights for distribution of Pokémon toy lines to Jazwares. The local German Jazwares team will handle distribution for Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. However, in Benelux, BOTI will continue to handle distribution responsibilities.

The licensing director for the Pokémon Company International, Matthieu Galante expressed his satisfaction with Character Options and BOTI over the last few years. He said the work they’ve done for his company has been exceptional, and he thanked them for their efforts. Now, he said, Pokémon is working more closely with Jazwares, particularly in the German and UK markets. He said his company is delighted to start working more with Jazwares and is committed to making the master toy program even more successful than it already is. His goal is to get the toy line to grow even further through 2022 and the coming years. The Pokémon company’s toy line has managed to break through the top ten NPD in both the Pokemon Spielzeug German and UK markets. Galante’s desire is that the new, deeper partnership will help the company keep its momentum going for the future.

Jazwares’ own SVP for Europe, Jonny Taylor, chimed in about the new arrangement, calling it incredibly exciting. He said that brand engagement for Pokémon products is very high at the moment, with demand almost exceeding supply in many markets. The property is very hot right now, including toy lines, and Taylor expressed his company’s excitement with bringing the line to retail customers in these markets for the coming months. He believes the Pokémon fanbase will adore the work they’ve done with these toys, and he also expressed his thanks to the work done by the BOTI and Character Options teams.

He understands they’ve had an extensive commitment to meeting the market’s demands and exceeding customers’ expectations, and he says that Jazwares understands the responsibility they’re taking on and that they take it very seriously. Jazwares and Pokémon Company International are set to keep the partnership going for years to come.

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