Great Tipi Layouts for Your Next Tipi Hire Event

How best can you make your outdoor wedding reception or event tailored for your exact needs? Accommodating your guests and offering space for catering, dancing and other activities can be challenging, but you can plan the event to be just how you want it, and these tipi hire layouts make for good templates to start with to maximize the chances of success, says Origami Marquees.

Dancefloor Layout

This is ideal for weddings, because it combines a dancefloor with a dining area and a bar section. All of that is fitted into a double frontage tent, and you end up with tons of space for your guests. The layout provides space for 120, but you can increase or decrease the amount of available space as needed with modular tipis. 

You get a really spacious dancefloor with this layout, and the bar is placed to the back part of the tent, fitted with handcrafted furniture for lounging about in. 

Business Layout

If you are bringing your company together for a meet, you want to give them space for entertainment and socializing. This is the perfect layout for this type of event, because it really takes advantage of the outdoor setting. You can have the tent either raised or lowered to meet your needs, opening it up so that the outside view is visible from the indoor seating. The layout can be modified to work with a large crowd that might need extra space outside the tent. You can set up seating at the exterior, and create that added room so your guests all feel comfortable. Why does a business event have to feel confined and formal when you could make it fun and unique by incorporating the outdoors, but still getting protection from inclement weather?

Basic Event Layout

This is a standard tipi layout plan that works well for most gatherings. This consists of three tents that are brought together, to give you lots of room to maneuver in and seat all of your guests. 

With this setup, you can enjoy multiple bars as well as lounge seating for each bar area, says Hitched. You can hire tipis for a party for any size, as well as entertainment events and special gatherings. This three-tent layout is popular as a unique choice to replace traditional marquee tents. You get lots of floor space and room for your guests. 

The Satellite Layout

You could also try a layout that separates each of your various event activities into their own tent. You can hire as many tipis as needed for this layout, and you can set up different environments in each of the tents. You can use one for dancing, another as your lounge, and another for giving speeches, just to give you some ideas. Or, you can put everything into a single large tent and customize the different areas to create unique sections within the larger tent.