greenlee knockout punch driver

Greenlee Knockout Punch Drivers

There are multiple reasons why people rely on professional contractors to build and improve their installations and infrastructure. Mainly because of the importance of their work. Without them there would not be anyone who could tackle those urgent fixes we encounter. Secondly is their knowhow which is something that often is hard to put a price on, and lastly is the knowledge they have on the best tools and equipment needed for each job. And these are just basic reasons among many others!

In this article we will talk about the Greenlee LS50L knockout Punch Driver, a perfect example of important tools that are used to make the everyday constructions and installations we use a reality.

This knockout is battery operated and is capable of operating the entire line of Greenlee punches. It operates with an 18V lithium ion battery that is used across Greenlee hole-making and cable termination lines. The tool has an LED light that illuminates the are where the whole will be punched in. The head of the tool turns 360° to arrange it in the most convenient angle to effectively punch the hole.

The tool is designed to shut off if activated without any attachments so that when you are installing your draw stud and your punches you don’t use the battery powered hydraulic system to  take up the slack in your draw stud. This is telling you to make sure you have your punch threaded down all the way and proper spaces chosen if needed.

Before using the tool make sure the threads in your draw stud are in good condition and not damaged in any way. If not, it is time to use a new one. The cutting points in the punch cannot be dulled or damaged. If they are that means that you will need to use a new punch. There is no need to try and sharpen the cutting points as the productivity of the tool will not improve and damage can be reflected in it.

In order to operate first place the draw stud all the way into the head of the tool. If not threaded all the way in there can be damage to the tool. Then slide your die into your draw stud. Insert the draw stud into the material and then thread the punch unto the draw stud. Thread until the cutting points make strong contact against the material. You are now ready to activate the tool and get the job done!

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