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Historic Cyber Monday Deals Coming in 2020

It’s almost that special time of the year when parents in various countries worldwide get ready for Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is a time when shoppers can take advantage of insane deals without having to leave the comforts of their homes.

Some of the sales are equivalent to or better than the deals people see on Black Friday. The best part about it is that it’s all online. There are no messy lines, long waits, or fights among customers to worry about. Shoppers can sit back and pick up the rest of their Christmas presents without interference. This year looks like it’s going to be a historical one.

When Is Cyber Monday 2020?

Cyber Monday changes every year because it’s the Monday directly after the Thanksgiving holiday. In 2029, Cyber Monday fell on December 2. In 2020, the Cyber Monday shopping day will be on November 30. Some of the stores are kind enough to offer the Cyber Monday sales a little bit early. Amazon, for example, has opted to start its Cyber Monday pricing on the 28th of November.

Who Participates in Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday started in the United States back in 2015. It was originally a way to encourage shoppers to buy items online instead of going out to crowd the stores. No one knew how much of a hit it would be. The event took off so quickly that over 70 percent of retailers reported an extreme rise in their profits. It has been a hit in the United States ever since.

Every year, new countries started following suit. Currently, more than twenty-some countries observe Cyber Monday. Some of those countries are the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Japan, and South Africa. Cyber Monday is not a public holiday in the US, but it’s a day that a majority of shoppers’ honor by opening their wallets.

What Stores Have the Best Deals?

Major retailers offer a smorgasbord of sales on Cyber Monday. Some of the most popular establishments that will be participating include Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. Walmart will be going big on television sales. They’ll be taking $60 off the price tag of the Vizio 65-inch V-Series 4K TV.

Amazon will be removing $50 from the price tag of the 2020 iPad Pro 11-inch and $30 from the New Apple iPad 2020. Best Buy has a lot of tricks up its sleeve, as well. They’ll be offering the Segway Ninebot ES2 for $60 less than its retail price. Many more deals will be flowing on Cyber Monday. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Why Should You Participate?

A shopper might be interested in Cyber Monday if he or she are looking for bargains on big ticket items such as TVs, laptops, appliances, furniture or even toys. It’s the perfect time to grab some additional presents and save a lot of money while doing so. Alternatively, some shoppers have some things on their list of personal wants and needs that Cyber Monday deals can help them get.

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