How I Helped My Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety at a Dog Boarding Facility

Hey there, fellow dog lovers! I recently went through a rollercoaster of emotions when I had to leave my furry friend at a dog boarding facility. My dog, Max, has always been prone to separation anxiety, and the thought of him being anxious while I was away tugged at my heartstrings. But with some planning and a little extra love, we managed to turn this experience into a positive one for both Max and me. So, I wanted to share some tips on how we overcame dog separation anxiety at the dog boarding facility.

Choose the Right Dog Boarding Facility

First things first, it’s crucial to select a boarding facility that you trust and feel good about. Do your homework, read reviews, and visit the facility in person. A well-managed, clean, and secure environment will give you peace of mind, says Glencadia.

Early Familiarization

Before the actual boarding, consider a few trial visits. This can help your dog become familiar with the place and the people. At the facility, they get to sniff around, meet the staff, and see that it’s not such a scary place after all.

Pack the Comforts of Home

Max has a few favorite toys, his cozy blanket, and even a T-shirt with my scent on it. These items provided him with comfort and made the new environment feel more like home. Don’t forget to pack these little touches of comfort for your dog.

Talk to the Staff

Have a chat with the staff and share your dog’s specific needs and quirks. They’re experienced in dealing with different dog personalities and might have some tips and tricks up their sleeves. This open communication can help them understand your dog better.

Create a Familiar Routine

If your dog is used to a certain routine at home, try to replicate it at the boarding facility as closely as possible. This could include meal times, potty breaks, or even bedtime routines. Familiarity can be a soothing factor.

Positive Goodbyes

When it’s time to leave, make your goodbyes positive and upbeat. Dogs pick up on our emotions, so it’s essential to project calm and confident energy. Hugging and reassuring Max one last time, I left the facility with a smile.

Regular Updates

One thing I loved about Max’s boarding facility was that they provided regular updates. They sent me photos and messages about his activities, and it truly warmed my heart. Staying in the loop helped alleviate my separation anxiety, too.

Celebrate the Reunion

Finally, when it’s time to pick your furry friend up, make it a moment of celebration. Max and I had an extra-long cuddle session, and I let him know how much I missed him. The reunion is a fantastic time to reinforce your bond.

Dealing with dog separation anxiety at a boarding facility can be tough, but it’s not insurmountable. With the right preparation, communication, and a bit of extra love, both you and your pup can turn this experience into a positive one. The key is to select the right facility, create familiarity, and maintain open communication with the staff. Remember, dogs are incredibly resilient, and they’ll appreciate your efforts to ensure their well-being. So, the next time you’re thinking of taking a trip without your furry friend, rest assured that with these tips, you can both handle the separation with grace and come back even closer.

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