How to Arrange Flowers Properly – The Ultimate Guide

When you have a nice bouquet of flowers, it can be an art trying to arrange them properly. So, this is why we thought we would guide you through the steps require on how to arrange flowers properly.

How to Arrange Flowers – Step-by-Step Guide to Follow

Step 1

Bring together your materials. You will need…

  • Scissors —for trimming the stems of your flowers. If you don’t have any scissors to hand, a pair of gardening shears will suffice.
  • Vase — make sure the vase is big enough to hold the flowers you want to display.
  • Plant food — Most bouquets nowadays come with small packets of plant food that are most suited for the flowers you have. If there is none, make a quick trip to your local gardening shop who will likely have a wide range of plant food from which to choose from. Here are some tips on how to use plant food.
  • Water — for keeping the flowers alive.
  • Flowers of choice — Make sure you have some greenery, as well as your primary flowers and any secondary flowers you would like to include as part of the arrangement.

Step 2

The next step is to take measures to carefully remove any extra leaves on the stems to make the stems as clean as possible, says GuernseyFlowersByPost. It’s totally ok to leave some foliage if you so desire, which we would recommend if you don’t have any secondary flowers.

Step 3

Measure the flowers compared to your vase and take care to cut them to size. It is important to cut stems at a slight angle. When you do this, you will notice that your plants last for longer.

Step 4 

Fill your vase of choice with water to around half way up. We would recommend that you replace the water in the vase every two to three days. The less water you have in a vase, the more readily that you should change the water.

Step 5

Insert the plant food into your vase. Most plant food mixes in straight away, but if it all falls to the bottom of the vase, give it a good stir.

Step 6

We would recommend that you criss-cross your foliage to create a stylish base for your arrangement. If you do this, it will create a lattice pattern which will create a sturdy base for your primary flowers.

Step 7

Add your main flowers, ensuring they are spread out throughout the vase. The “focal flowers” that you have should be the ones that you try and draw most attention to. Usually the focal flower is the largest with the most colour. Alternatively, it could be the one flower you like the most.

Step 8

Once your main flowers are inserted, you can then move on to your secondary flowers. Secondary flowers are usually the flowers that are smaller than others and they will play an important part in rounding out the arrangement that you have created.

Step 9

The final step is to rearrange or fill in. It could be a good idea to take away any petals on the flowers that are wilted. You can then take measures to adjust the foliage, to ensure all empty spaces are filled in.

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