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How to Improve Gas Turbine Performance

Gas turbines, also known as combustible turbines, work on the principle of a continuous internal combustion engine. This means that the gas inside the turbine expands due to the high temperature and ultimately converts into mechanical energy. To note, the power creation process via gas turbines occurs in a perpetual cycle. A study showed that efficient gas turbines have not only the capability to provide a stable and uninterrupted power supply but also reduces the carbon footprint.

In this article, you would learn more extensively about the performative quality of gas turbines and how to improve them.

Why is it Important to increase Gas Turbine performance?

Higher power generation demand from different industries in the global market contributes to the heightened operation of gas turbine power plants.  Notably, the need for power-generating fuels becomes high. However, the higher demand makes it difficult to produce an enormous volume of fuel, and ultimately, energy. Additionally, the fluctuating price of oil is another concern. 

A lot of factors in total fall under reasons to focus on Gas Turbine Services as regular upkeep is the key to increase efficiency. 

  • Temperature– A turbine uses air to produce power; typically, it has a certain standard for air temperature. This is because air expands in heat and changes in the flow in mass or density of airflow important factors in heat consumption, output, and the rate of hate. Thus, if the inlet air temperature increases causing airflow and density to decrease, the turbine capacity would lower as well.
  • Damages- In general, maintenance of heavier types of machinery like gas turbines require an extra level of steps and measures for proper equipment conservation. To note, turbines have a risk of system failures, damaged turbine blades, congested inlet filters, and faulty compressors. 
  • Fuel– It is important to consider that different types of fuels have dissimilar standards. The various options available require to meet their pre-set benchmarks to work optimally. Hence, the usage of an incompatible type of fuel can affect the life of a gas turbine adversely. 
  • Long-term Cost Benefits- It is important to keep in mind that there are a lot of things that can go wrong when handling gas turbines. Therefore, for power plant operators, handling constant gas turbine component checks is important in order to avoid major expenses. 

Quick Ways to Increase Gas Turbine Efficiency 

The following are several tips or quick fixes to increase the performance of gas turbines. 

  • Increase Turbine Inlet Temperature– If you have access to replacement parts that can withstand high levels of temperature, then increase the turbine temp. This would help the component to function more easily. 
  • Maintenance of Inlet Filter– Dirty and smeared filters could decrease inlet efficiency drastically. This happens because of the clogging of compressor blades. The remaining particulates are attached to the blades causing them to erode and degenerate. Notably, due to their specific aerodynamics, any damage to the blades can cause a major loss in terms of production volume. Consequently, this can reduce the mass flow of air and hamper the pressure ratio.
  • Admitting steam or water- The high temperature plays a major role when it comes to admitting steam or water. Instilling water or steam will increase the pressure in the turbines by a huge margin. In turn, that will increase energy output by 10% approximately. 
  • Increasing the pressure ratio– When the temperature is off-limits, pressure comes in to save the day. Increasing the pressure ratio will fulfil the needs if a temperature rise is not a viable option. 
  • Cleaning the compressor– While it can get messy once you get your hands on cleaning the compressor, it is an effective exercise to keep the gas turbines in good health. Dirty particulates are bound to accumulate on the compressor blades. Typically, there is no way to stop that; here, washing it regularly is effective in the long-term sense. 
  • Regular Maintenance- Finally, regular maintenance is very important for the life cycle maintenance of gas turbines. Since these systems are a long-term investment type, it is important to ensure that one does not suffer from any losses to buy or replace parts. Therefore, regular maintenance in practice is a high priority.  


Overall, there is a noticeable increase in demand for gas turbines in the global market and rather limited resources. Therefore, it is imperative to find a different route for a higher and efficient amount of electricity production at affordable rates. In this context, gas turbines are good choices for electricity production safely, under budget, and with high output quantity potential.

Thereafter, it is useful for power plant owners or operators to take proper measures to increase gas turbine performance ability. The points mentioned in this article should boost the capacity of gas turbines to a high extent.

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