How to Improve the HR Recruitment Process

The field of human resources is undoubtedly one of the most important in any company. It is responsible for the recruitment process, so it is crucial to have an efficient HR department.

    This department needs to be very well organized since its role includes finding candidates, organizing interviews and selecting the best employee. All these tasks are made easier by using an efficient recruitment process.

    This process begins with the creation of an ad that will be published on major job vacancy portals. Once this ad is online, it needs to be constantly monitored to make sure that no fake applications are submitted by non-serious applicants.

    To limit the number of false applications, it is recommended that you use a hashtag mentioning the job position.

    It is better to have multiple ads for different regions or even for different languages, because not everyone speaks the same language and your ad might be misinterpreted due to a simple translation error.

    This way, you will also be able to monitor how many people have clicked on the ad and which region they come from.

    If your company is small, you can coordinate all these activities yourself. However, if it has grown in size or if several branches exist around the world, then it might be a good idea to delegate this task to someone else, to save time. HR managers are often overworked, which is why it can be useful to have advanced HR software – such as that offered by

    The next step would be to check the applications received in response to your ad. To do so, you need to create a template for the candidates’ CV and cover letter.

    This is where LinkedIn can be helpful. It allows you to monitor CVs that have been updated recently, as well as applications made by people with profiles on that social network. If your company uses LinkedIn, then it will be easier to find out how applicants work and what their skills are.

    As soon as the CVs start arriving, you will need to go through all of them carefully, in order to select the most promising candidates. This is when Linkedin can come in handy again, since it allows you to compare candidates’ profiles side by side and to see who has worked in the same industries.

    All applications can be sorted using keywords, which will help you to handle a very large number of CVs efficiently.

    As soon as possible, you need to contact the applicants and arrange an interview with them (see LinkedIn). It is better if this interview can be held in person, so that you can see the candidate and ask them questions face to face.

    Once the interview is over, you need to decide which employee will be best for your company and start working with this person right away. This way, you will already have a good idea of whether or not your choice was correct.

These are just steps you could take to help improve your businesses recruitment process, find better talent, and improve your internal processes.

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