How to Plan Your Next Trip to Madrid

The best thing about a new year is that it always represents new adventures, experiences, and travel. There’s nothing more exciting than deciding to go explore a part of the world you haven’t experienced yet. The anticipation, the excitement, and of course – the research! Traveling isn’t always the most budget-friendly option, so if you’re taking the time and resources to go explore a new location you want to get the most bang for your buck! 

Madrid is an incredible, expansive city that is home to millions of people and years of rich history. The capital of Spain and a hub for Spanish culture, everything from the iconic Running of the Bulls to the most delicious Spanish food imaginable lives in Madrid. What’s more, is that spending a day in Madrid or several can be made even better-using Bounce luggage storage in Madrid. This incredible service lets you easily book secure storage space for a quick day trip, or simply a place to hold your bags while you go grab dinner with friends after a shopping excursion. 

If you are making a trip to Madrid, this is everything you need to know to plan ahead! 

Pack For the Season!

The first thing that should be on your list is what to pack! Madrid is the largest city in Spain and is located in the heart of the country. It is far from any beaches and has a particular style of dress code that its citizens largely follow. For instance, Spaniards, in general, don’t dress for the temperature as much as they dress for the season. 

Now, if you are coming from New England where it snows four months out of the year, you may not see eye to eye on what a Madrid local would call a season, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a dress code! The first thing to know is that athletic wear is not accepted the way it is in the States. Dressing casually will always take place outside of your favorite workout clothes, as those are relegated to the gym and the gym only. 


The winters don’t get terribly cold in Madrid, however, the temperatures will plummet down to the low forties and so scarves, sweaters, and your favorite layered combos will be good to bring. While the winters won’t be bitterly cold, definitely be safe and bring a winter coat just in case the weather did turn more frosty than assumed as Madrid is known for unpredictable weather! 

Spring and Summer

The spring and summer are nothing too unusual with summers in Madrid being famously hot. So be sure to bring light jackets and breathable tops depending on the time you are coming. One thing to keep in mind is that flip-flops are not generally accepted in the local dress code outside of the pool and beaches (of which Madrid has none of the former). So wearing open-toed sandals is a great alternative to flip-flops for the warmer months! 

Don’t forget your sunscreen! Madrid summers are warm, and the skies are typically beautiful and blue so be sure to bring the protection you need. 


The Falls in Madrid is beautiful and mild, much like the spring weather they require light preparation. Sweaters, jackets, and light layering will be necessary when visiting Madrid through the fall season! 

Take a Tour of the City

Madrid is a beautiful, sprawling city with rich history and incredible food! Booking a tour of the city to get an overview of what Madrid has to offer you is a great thing to do. Making sure to take this tour at the beginning of your adventure will help you better understand the lay of the land and help you decide how to spend your time. 

Enjoy the Streets of Madrid

One of the best things you can do is enjoy walking the streets of Madrid. The culture, the people, the colors can’t be taken in any better way. So be sure to bring your favorite walking shoes as enjoy local experiences like Calle del Espíritu Santo or the busy sidewalks of the Gran Via, also known as the Spanish Broadway. 

Traditional Markets

One of the most famous and well-loved aspects of Spanish culture is the food! The city of Madrid is overwhelmingly packed with some of the best culinary experiences you can have, so be sure and hit the traditional markets. These markets are true, authentic Spanish food and an incredible snapshot into the actual local life of Madrid.

While there is everything from Michelin-starred restaurants all the way to street vendors to try, marking out markets like Mercado de la Paz, and Mercado de San Ildefonso will give a taste of what Madrid is that you won’t soon forget!

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