How To Protect Your Skin From Toxins?

We consume so many different eatables drinkables and apply several skincare products on our skin to get the desired amount of glow, tone, and skin texture. But unknowingly, we are consuming or applying so many different products and items that seriously damage our skin health and life.

Just take a moment and think of all the products like creams, lotions, soaps, washes, cleansers, makeup, moisturizers, etc., that you apply in a day to your skin. Well, I guessed, you have had enough of thinking by now.

Now think about what results are these products give to your skin? Are they not becoming a source of any danger? They surely are! We are blindfolded with the fancy packaging, so-called beneficial descriptions, and the popular opinions of people who have misinterpreted the entire thing.

According to a survey conducted by Environmental Working Group, the average male and female use around nine products daily. Furthermore, these nine different products contain 126 unique ingredients, which can be understood as a great source of toxins to our bodies. This massive use of such ingredients raises serious health concerns, but they are not adequately regulated and preferably have a free pass to do whatever they can. Yes, this is indeed true that major skincare product manufacturers do not fall under vigilant zones.

In addition to this, toxin chemicals are exponentially used in the products we consume daily. The reason found for this is that toxin chemicals are cheaper than organic products, which have exponentially increased their profits and gains. In regards to this, several countries and their food control authorities have banned the use of toxin chemicals in our diet to eliminate the use of such products that are life-threatening.

What Items are considered as Toxin or Harmful for Skin?

We are talking about one of the massive revenue-generating industries in the world. According to Harvard Business School, most people have no idea about the products they consume for their skin.

Moreover, according to Forbes, the cosmetic industry is a massive revenue-generating industry with more than $2 billion in business annually. Having no proper regulations for them gives them a clean and straightforward passage to do whatever they want. If we get a lab test at home Dubai today, we will be amazed to see how some of the toxins commonly found in most of our daily used skincare products are unknowingly consumed by us and become a source of massive setbacks.


Paraben is a too dangerous preservative added to skincare products to increase the life of these products. Parabens are added to several makeup items, night creams, face washes, body washes, shampoos and conditioners, and face masks. By mimicking excessive estrogen in the body, they disrupt our delicate and sensitive hormonal balance and lead to diseases like cancer.


Another dangerous toxin that we take into our bodies is phthalates. It sticks to our skin as it finally enters when found open pores. It is used to increase the lastingness of fragrances. This preservative leads to severe effects on women’s reproductive glands.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLEF)

Starting with irritation and triggering different allergies on our bodies, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is another skin-threatening preservative used at a large scale by the cosmetic industry. It is found in several bubble baths, body washes, and shampoos that we unknowingly take in our bodies.

Triclocarbon or Triclosan

Triclocarban or triclosan is a banned chemical by FDA and EU. It specializes in killing bacteria in our bodies. The ban on it has been imposed considering the deadly effects on our bodies. Despite the ban on soaps and hand or body washes, it is used significantly in deodorants and other cosmetic items.

EDTA (Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid)

EDTA is a polyprotic acid containing two amine groups and other metal ions in them. It is manufactured with coal tar, which is harmful to our skin health, and it has been named a harmful ingredient linked to brain damage.


The fragrance is another additive that doesn’t reveal its ingredients. Companies all over the world use it with meaningful leverage by making it a rewarding component. But in reality, it is nothing less than a dangerous ingredient that is damaging infertility and causing reproductive issues.


Alternatives for Avoiding the Chemical Consumption

We have already seen that most of our daily consumed products are filled with chemicals. Well, in order to narrow down the chemical exposure, here are some of the advantageous alternatives for avoiding excessive chemical use.

  • It is nearly impossible to leave all the products you use instantly. But gradually, we can achieve our desired goals. Start with a small amount of reduction in your daily consumption and eventually increase the elimination.
  • Now that you have known the details of the products, it is better to read all the ingredients and then move on with the purchase. The products with the least number of preservatives are what you should invest in.
  • Find and read about the better and safer alternatives for the products that you use in your cosmetic care. Moreover, you can also find some great alternatives on EWG’s Skin Deep guide that shows beneficial products for use.
  • Last but not least, the choice is entirely in your hand. Whether after reading all this, it is entirely up to you if you still want to continue using them. But the sooner, the better for your skin health.

The Final Words

So, the presence of toxins in our body is generally the most harmful for us as they enfeeble us to several diseases and make visible imprints on our skin and hair. This is where the food selection we eat becomes a matter of pivotal importance.

Today, it has become a matter of paramount importance to consume food products that are healthy and nutritiously valuable. We are being sold the products in a way that we don’t know what effects they would impose on us in the long term. Therefore, to change the experience and take your skincare health to a whole new level, eliminating toxins from your diet is one of the most game-changing things you can do.

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