How to Turn an Old Smartphone into a Home Camera

There is an incredible app that makes good use of old Android phones, breathing new life back into them, so you can still get some more life out of these redundant devices. The app is Home Security IP Camera, and it gives you a smart, but simple way to access video streaming and audio recording on a phone remotely. That means you can set up your old Android phone as a security camera in your home, which can save money and boost your home’s security. 

What Will I Need?

You don’t have to buy additional equipment to turn an Android phone into a home security device. You can access the functions already on the phone, like the camera, microphone, motion detector, alarm, and even the flashlight to create a very sophisticated and useful home camera. You may want to keep the phone standing up and secured while it records, but you can do that with wire or a phone stand. 

Using your phone to record video and watch for security threats is as simple as downloading the Home Security IP Camera app, and accessing it through a web browser or your current smartphone. Then, you can have your old phone stream video directly to you, with no lag in the streaming process. You can see what your phone sees while you are away from home, and the old phone is set up as a camera. The motion detector functionality can be set up to activate the camera, thanks to the power of this cool app. 

Use your phone’s various functions to record audio, turn on the flashlight, switch cameras from front to back, and more. It’s like a fully functioning, remotely controlled security camera without the need to purchase a separate camera. 

How to Use Your New Home Camera

As you try this app out and use your old Android phone for video streaming, you will start to discover all sorts of uses for it. Some people use it like a doorbell camera, where the phone is set to detect motion and then show you a streaming video of who is at your door. Others set it up to monitor their children remotely, which helps to keep nannies and babysitters accountable, and your children safe.

You can set up your phone as a camera anywhere you want to increase security, like in your garage to watch your car, or in your bedroom to watch your valuables. If there is a spot in your house you wish you could keep an eye on while you are resting in the bedroom or while you are at work, then it’s easy to set up your Android phone as a security device for that part of the home with the Home Secuirty IP Webcam app. 

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