Mattress Considerations to Think About When Hitting the Store

As we become increasingly busier with balancing work, home, and social life, we find it more difficult to find the time to do menial tasks. But, thanks to technology, it’s now possible to order meals, groceries, and more in under a few minutes with just your phone. However, despite virtual shopping being the more convenient option, you can’t always expect to get the best deals online. 

There are always items that are better off bought in-store, like your mattress. Think about it. How can you be sure that you are comfortable with the bed by just viewing it on the website? Plus, if you end up unsatisfied, it will be such a hassle on your part when you decide on returning it!

Thus, physically purchasing your bed is still the best. Of course, there are still several things you have to consider when doing so. Below, we list five things you have to think about when buying a mattress in-store.  


The bed that you sleep on every night plays a big role in how well you function daily. Trying to work from a poor night’s sleep leads to an equally poor mood and lack of productivity. As such, you have to invest in your mattress. Just remember that you get what you pay for. Better materials mean better quality mattresses, so don’t try to penny-pinch your way into this one. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to ruin your budget and overspend to get your best sleep. It’s no secret that some beds only cost more because of their brand names. If you want to save, you have to put in the effort to research and compare models, brands, and prices. Doing so will not only save you money but it will also serve as a guide once you finally go to the store. 

Sleeping Habits

The next thing you should keep in mind when going mattress shopping is your sleeping habits. This includes your sleeping position, whether you toss and turn, and who you’re sharing a bed with. Beds are personal, so you won’t find a model that will feel comfortable for everyone regardless of the situation. 

For instance, if you sleep on your back, you’ll want to sleep on a mattress that can provide support for your spine. So, you’re better off with firmer mattresses like a hybrid bed, one that combines the softness of foam and the support of springs. On the other hand, if you toss and turn or sleep with your spouse who does, memory foam would be best as it reduces motion transfer. 

Mattress Types

As mentioned, every person’s preferences and situation will determine what mattress type is best for them. To avoid being overwhelmed when you step foot into the showroom, you must be familiar with the different types before your visit. 

Generally speaking, there are five kinds: foam, innerspring, hybrid, airbed, and latex. Foam beds are softer and cooler to the touch, while innerspring is the traditional and bouncier choice. On the other hand, hybrids provide the best of both worlds as it is constructed with coils and foam. 

If you want something durable and environmentally friendly, then you should check out latex mattresses. Lastly, the airbed is perfect for those who never want to worry about their beds sagging over time. For ideas on the best mattresses available on the market right now, Click Here.

Test Run Performance 

Testing your bed in-store is a must for anyone wanting to buy a new mattress. While it may feel a little silly, forgoing this important step might lead you to years of regret as you endure sleeping on something uncomfortable. 

So, try as many models as possible, and listen to your instincts. Don’t fall for any sales talk, and pay attention to what your body feels as you test the mattress. Moreover, spend at least ten to fifteen minutes laying down on the bed and pretend you are sleeping in the comfort of your own home. 

Return Policies

It’s not a rare occurrence for someone to be unsatisfied with their newly purchased bed. So, when going shopping, you should ask about return policies. Even if you did like your mattress trial in-store, nothing beats the experience after sleeping on it after a few weeks.

If you are dissatisfied, the return policies will help you bring the item back to the store. Fortunately, many companies offer free returns, but only within certain conditions. Thus, you should fully understand the policies to prevent yourself from paying a fortune just trying to return the mattress. 


Personally shopping for your mattress ensures that you get the best possible product. But, this doesn’t mean you can go to the store unprepared. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the various options available on the market, you should consider the five things listed above to help you.

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