Opal Launches Vegan-Friendly Antibacterial Disinfectant Spray

The wake of COVID-19 gave rise to a young yet remarkable company that is revolutionising the cleaning industry. And no, we are not talking about heavy-chemicals and aerosols. This is about a company that focuses on tapping the natural antibacterial properties in plants by making a biodegradable disinfectant. Opal Eco is a game-changer shaking up how you clean your home, office, or car.

Why Are We Focusing on Disinfectants?

2020 was not great. Let’s face it. It was when most of the 219 affected countries started recording cases of COVID-19. Now, there have been more than 114 million positive cases and 2.5 million deaths across the world.

Because of this, the need to clean and disinfect surfaces increased, as it was and still is a sure fire way to reduce Coronavirus infections. New players ventured into the market with not so good products – mainly focusing on corrosive cleaning products. Other manufacturers made substandard products that did not kill the virus nor clean. But Opal Eco decided to launch a product that both cared for the environment, and kill 99.9% of bacteria.

How Opal Eco Products Protect You

Most plants have a naturally existing defence mechanism that protects them from attack. Opal Eco recognises this, and has come up with clever ways to extract these compounds.

The Opal Eco Disinfectant Spray

There is so much that is desirable about the newly launched vegan-friendly antibacterial disinfectant spray from Opal Eco. Here are some of its best features…

1. Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly

The spray comprises active antibacterial ingredients extracted from plants. And if you are worried about a lingering smell, worry not.

The spray contains peppermint and lavender extracts, which leaves your home smelling fresh and comfortable. And rather than using corrosive and harsh chemicals, it uses naturally derived and fermented lactic and tartaric acids to deliver on its antibacterial and disinfectant properties.

2. Wide Versatility

While some regular disinfectants could work in some areas and fail in others, Opal Eco’s new antibacterial disinfectant takes care of this downside. Whether you are using it in the food industry, in the hospital, cleaning your child’s room, or pet’s toys, there is no limit to the use of Opal Eco’s disinfectant. Also, you can use it on any surface, hard or soft, with no fear of discoloration, corrosion, or staining.

3. It is Triple Verified

Your safety comes first. And despite your drive to clean your home and get rid of the coronavirus and other contaminants, being safe at the end of it all counts the most. Opal Eco understands this, and that is why they test their products multiple times before selling them. 

After numerous intense tests, specialists found Opal Care disinfectant spray to comply with food safety, the 17 EN standards, and the ECHA. And above all, dermatologists also approve of its use, since it is safe if your skin comes into contact with it.

4. It is Easy to Use

Opal Eco packages their products in easy-to-carry bottles that make cleaning easy. With an adjustable nozzle, a firm grip handle, and a tight cap, you can clean for hours without wastage or fatigue to the hand.

Opal Eco is determined to keep you safe from bacteria, viruses, germs, and fungi. With the new antibacterial spray, you get to enjoy up to 99.99% protection at a very affordable price. For more information, check out the Opal Eco official website.

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