Paid Survey Mistakes You Must Never Make

Survey panelists have a lot to learn and earn, yet they can lose so much if they’re not careful. The multi-niche and multi-user industry presents hundreds of opportunities, but it doesn’t come without challenges. As survey panelists, you’re sure to make mistakes, and some can leave you totally disadvantaged.

Mistakes That Affect Survey Panelists’ Earning Potential

Understanding the areas of concern that present loopholes for panelists to make mistakes is important. Research the things you must never do and vice versa for your survey panelist gig to be successful. Listed here are some missteps to avoid. Once committed, they open up room for more mistakes, which make it impossible to earn money from online surveys.

Failing to Evaluate Survey Panels

Online survey panel sites have existed for a few decades now, and within that period, scam platforms have outgrown the genuine ones. Out of every 10 survey apps on the app store, roughly 6 have ratings lower than 3, with hundreds of unanswered complaints. If you search for survey panels on Google, a number of results show platforms with questionable credibility.

Not researching survey sites will lead you to sign up for untrustworthy panels that won’t reward your hard work. In checking the legitimacy of an online survey website, read the testimonials on app stores and Google reviews. Be wary of companies that make exaggerated claims or ask you to pay to get survey work.

Filling Wrong Information

Market research companies record and track the data panelists enter into their systems. It’s chiefly easy to tell when you falsify information. By lying about your age and work status when signing up, you violate terms and conditions and risk not getting surveys and payment. Some market research companies will require you to share photo evidence of your ID.

If you’re trying to cheat the system, you surely can’t maintain the lies for long and are likely to get caught, especially when you share answers different from those panelists in the said demographic. Also, if you use VPN (more details) or proxies to access geo-blocked surveys, you risk detection and getting your IP banned.

Hurriedly Answering Questions

It feels good finishing a 20-minute survey in 10 minutes. It presents time to take and complete more surveys before the ones in the queue expire. Market research companies evaluate multiple metrics to set the time for a questionnaire. They already know the difficulty levels and research needed to answer any survey question correctly.

Even if you’re a fast reader and typist, hurrying to answer a survey for money isn’t recommended. The reason being you’ll likely give inconsistent or incorrect answers to the survey questions. Doing so for an extended period will lead to you being banned from taking similar surveys, reducing earning potential.

Banking Huge Amounts

Withdrawing $100 from a survey panel feels great. It’s even more pleasant than taking your money out when you hit a minimum threshold of $5 or $20. But the risk associated with banking huge sums on your survey panel account is massive. What if the market research company is closed indefinitely? What if the app crashes, and you need the money urgently?

This may not seem a problem when dealing with trusted survey panels, but it’s still not a risk worth taking. Withdraw your earnings as soon as they hit the minimum threshold and avoid such problems.

Putting Off Survey Job Notifications

Survey marketing and job notifications can be annoying, especially when sent to your primary email or phone number. Imagine dealing with 10 or more messages from 3 different survey panels. Is the experience not overwhelmingly annoying? However, the problem is never the notifications but the need for better organization.

You can use a different email and phone number to sign up for these survey panels. Set specific times during the day to check the notifications and complete the surveys. That way, the constant barrage of messages won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Wrap Up

As a newbie in online surveys for money, mistakes are inevitable. However, if you take these precautionary measures, you’ll overcome all possible errors and succeed. Search for legitimate survey panels, and do not get started before account verification. If you only take surveys you can handle and never hurry them to earn more, you’ll be just fine!

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