PCR Test UK: Updates to UK Testing Guidelines

The United Kingdom has had the most people die from COVID-19 globally, which has led to a lot of lockdowns. Recently, there has been the occurrence of Omicron, a new coronavirus variant that spread in the UK and affects many lives. That’s why the government of the UK is stringent about making sure that everyone who enters the UK has been tested with COVID-19 tests such as the PCR test or lateral flow test.

What Is A PCR Test?

PCR tests are done to test for the coronavirus genetic substance (RNA) in a specimen, and they are excellent at this. However, it doesn’t tell if a person is still sick. If someone has recovered from COVID but still has a minuscule percentage of the virus in their body, they should not have another PCR test UK done for 90 days. To be sure somebody has coronavirus, for example, if they experience cold-like signs, they should run a PCR test to see if they have it.

What Are the New Guidelines Upon Arriving in the UK?

All individuals who come to the UK should fill out a Passenger Locator Form before entering the country.

  • Nations that are on a “red list.”

As of now, there are no nations on the UK’s red list. UK residents and British nationals who came back from red list regions had to stay in a hotel for ten days at their own expense. And non-UK locals from red list countries were not allowed to come to the UK.

Moreover, the UK government claims that by the end of March 2022, the isolation facilities will be “fully shut down.” (more info) The UK government declares that if red list restrictions had to be resumed, home quarantine is the most probable choice.

  • Nations that are on a “green list.”

All places that aren’t on the red list are green. However, some green countries don’t allow non-essential trips from the UK. Fully vaccinated people under the age of 18 can now enter the UK without going through any extra tests. 

Furthermore, people who haven’t been vaccinated don’t have to take a day eight test or stay in isolation when they arrive in the UK (unless they are tested positive). Travellers who haven’t been vaccinated still need to take a pre-trip test and a PCR test UK on day two.

Some countries like the USA are requiring tests prior to returning to the states, which must be obtained in the UK. The required test is usually a PCR test, which can be booked here – https://flyusa2uk.com/

Who Is Allowed to Visit the United Kingdom?

Travellers are allowed to enter the UK if they are fully vaccinated and can show proof of vaccination from countries across the globe. While those who haven’t been vaccinated, partly vaccinated, or made a full recovery from a disease will also be able to come to the UK, however, they will have to follow stricter travel rules.

Additionally, those who have not been fully immunised will only require to consider taking a confidentially offered PCR test in the UK when they arrive at the airport or before Day 2. They will no longer need to stay in their rooms. However, they still have to buy their day two and day eight PCR test kits once they arrive.

Make sure you know the regulations in the nations where you’re going before you begin your travel to the UK. Also, some rules vary from children to adults, so before you enter the UK, getting tested with the COVID-19 test and being fully vaccinated is essential.

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