Petrol and Diesel Car Searches Increased a 24% and 26%  in 2022

Being the owner of a motor vehicle bears many benefits for everyday life. People, not only in South Africa, but around the world acquire cars, motorcycles or trucks to make their commuting to work easier, among other advantages, libe being highly convenient for families. Nowadays, in the post-pandemic world, old traveling patterns are back to a similar guise as they were and motor vehicles are a big part of the picture. 

When buying a car, in the present day, the new global trend is to search for recently launched energy fuel types such as cars that are hybrid and run on electric power. Countries around the world are preparing their big cities to be suitable for this type of cars. For instance, there are now on the streets, or parking lots, stations to plug electric cars. As regards the global panorama, the International Energy Agency has explained how the growing tendency to acquire electric vehicles is tied to the European Union zero emissions target that has been set up to be achieved before 2050. So it is only logical that the rise in selling of these types of cars will be a fact. 

Meanwhile, people who struggle month by month to make ends meet, or need to make everyday choices as regards their salaries and which are the expenses they can allow themselves to incur, are not yet ready to purchase these types of alternative energy vehicles. This is why the tendency in search and purchases of petrol and diesel cars is still steadily  increasing. The type of fuel a car runs on is a decisive point when buying a vehicle since it will mean cheaper or more expensive ways of putting the vehicle to work in the future. In South Africa the number has been 24% and 26%  of searches for petrol and diesel cars in what has transpired in the year 2022. 

When thinking about this situation in depth there are many other matters that individuals have to take into account when making this type of purchases, which help to paint a clear and complete picture. Acquiring a car does not only mean paying the price of the motor vehicle, in full- which, very often, is not the case- or paying it in monthly installments. It also means hiring comprehensive car insurance that would cover all the driver’s individual needs. There are now very effective car insurance calculators, which are of great aid when doing so. For instance, people can make the calculations necessary to keep the monthly premium costs to the minimum necessary, without neglecting the coverage needed.  Moreover, one has to take into account the cost of maintenance and repairing, mostly when the vehicle purchased is not brand new, but a second-hand one. 

Electric vehicles and others which work with alternative types of energies are the name of the game, and will for sure become the trend any time soon. In the meantime, while consciousness raising work about becoming more green is still being done, and while they are part of the group of the most expensive cars in the market, individuals will continue to opt for cheaper vehicles which allow them to cover their commuting needs in an easy, convenient and not-so-expensive way.  

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