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Plumbing Fittings Types

In this article we will discuss the types of pipe fittings commonly used in plumbing systems. Pipe fittings are used to connect pipes of the same or different sizes and they regulate and divert the liquid flow within the pipe. The material of the fittings should be compatible with the pipe material, nature of liquid flowing, pressure and temperature both inside and outside of the pipe. They are more commonly found in brass or copper.


An elbow is generally used to change the direction of flow of liquid between two pipes, and are available in 90º or 45º. They are usually threaded to the pipes or else they are welded.


Couplings connect two pipes in a straight line and pipes need to be of the same size. They are soldered, welded or glued to the pipe ends to be connected. Couplings are used when a long plumbing line is to be laid and one pipe length is not sufficient, but mainly couplings are used when leakages occur in the pipeline.


Unions are fittings that serve a similar purpose to that of the coupling. The inly difference is that the couplings are fixed and cannot be removed after installation, but unions are usually threaded to the pipes and can be removed if necessary. In some unions one end is male threaded and the other is female threaded.


If the two pipes are of different diameters then the elbow is called a reducer, according to Lowes. These are used to connect two pipes of varying diameters and their main purpose is to regulate the flow of the materian inside the pipe. Reducers can be:

Concentric Reducers: cone shaped reducers. In this type of reducers there is a risk of air accumulation which in turn will increase the pressure on the pipe.

Eccentric Reducers: reducers with one side parallel. Since only one side is curved the risk of air accumulation is eliminated in this type of fittings.


A tee fitting is used to connect three pipes either of the same or different diameters. They serve the purpose of distributing the flow from one pipe to two other pipes in different directions. A tee serves for one inlet with two outlets or two inlets with one outlet. Tee fittings are available in perpendicular or inclined directions.

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