Reasons You’re Getting Errors When Streaming Music on Spotify

When one is feeling uneasy or tense, listening to music is the most exhilarating way to cool down. Music has remarkable therapeutic powers, suitable for easing anxiety, improving moods, and lowering cortisol levels. Spotify dominates the music industry, thanks to its over 182 million subscribers and a massive collection of world-class music. Spotify is accessible through mobile and desktop apps, which are exclusively free. Sadly, Spotify implements geo-censorship, which limits who can and cannot access certain content.

Why Spotify Fails to Work When You Need It the Most

The last thing you want when listening to your favorite music on Spotify is the app crashing. Like every other application, Spotify is prone to cache errors, software bugs, and corrupted files. When these problems invade your Spotify app, tracks and songs won’t play properly. If your Spotify becomes choppy/slow or fails to play songs, it might be due to the following reasons.

Copyright Restrictions

Spotify is a global audio streaming provider that abides by the copyright restrictions outlined by music artists and record labels. The audio streaming platform doesn’t make policies restricting content to specific regions, but the music labels, song’s legal owners, and artists do.

If you can’t access some audio content on the Spotify platform because of your location, it means the content creators locked their work. However, you can use a paid premium proxy server to access geo-locked audio content on Spotify. With proxies, you can access audio content even in countries like China.

Incorrect App and Device Settings

Settings on Spotify can affect the program’s ability to play music. Adjusting the hardware or audio quality settings can impact the performance of the songs. Some adjustments can lower the quality of your music listening experience. Changes on the device and app settings can also subvert smooth music playbacks.

If you get an error indicating that Spotify can’t play a song, you should consider adjusting the audio and app settings on your device. You can follow this Spotify equalizer adjustment guide to improve the quality of your music listening experience.

Outdated Spotify Software

When Spotify releases a new desktop program or mobile app, they pay less attention to the old versions. These outdated apps become obsolete over time, lacking the capacity to load and stream music smoothly. The obsolete functions and features of the apps are more prone to technical glitches, bugs, and errors. Since the older app versions don’t get quality care and maintenance, they will succumb to errors and bugs, causing performance issues.

Check your mobile device, desktop operating system, or Spotify app for available updates. Remember, most new Spotify app versions come with higher system compatibility requirements. Therefore, you may be locked out of the upgrades if you haven’t updated to a compatible device.

Nevertheless, some computers or mobile devices require you to run a compatibility test before running the apps. If you’re facing lagging and latency issues when upgrading to the newest Spotify app, check out this good review for the best proxies that improve your internet speed and stability.

Software Bugs

Like other audio streaming apps, Spotify is prone to bugs and technical glitches that can affect the app’s performance. Common Spotify errors and bugs include failed Android loading and app starting problems (see here). Check the software for bugs if your Spotify app doesn’t load or fails to play your tracks or songs. Talk with the Spotify technical team to thoroughly check the system and look for any potential issues.

The software may fail because of cache errors and corrupted files, affecting the ability of the songs to load and play. The quickest way to solve software bugs and technical glitches is by upgrading to the latest Spotify app for your desktop or mobile device.


Spotify has one of the world’s best technical teams dedicated to promptly resolving software and audio loading issues. Unfortunately, the technical team may not always handle the app and music-related errors immediately. 

There’s nothing worse than having your listening pleasure stop halfway. If your app misbehaves and you don’t get quality and prompt support from Spotify’s technical team, consider these reliable DIY tricks. Your Spotify app may be lacking an update or have inaccurately adjusted audio settings.

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