Removing Dip Powder Nails at Home

Img Source - Cosmopolitan

Everyone knows how it can be frustrating to have your nails smudged after a visit to the salon. Dip powder is taking care of that problem for you! Dip powder nails are stylish, long-lasting, and adequately pigmented for whatever color you choose. But do you know the dip nail application process? Well, the process requires the following layers. 

  • A bonder – so that your polish holds onto your nail for longer
  • A base coat – applied onto the bonder before the powder
  • A coat of powder – you will also receive a coat of the powdered-color pigment
  • Depending on your desired color, you can apply the base and powder coats twice or thrice.
  • Sealant and activator- this coat covers your dip powder polish
  • A topcoat – this dries and hardens your powder polish

Methods to Remove Dip Powder Nails

You could use several methods to remove the nail polish from your nails in the comfort of your home. However, regardless of the ingredients and method you use, buffing will always prove effective in reducing the time you spend removing nail polish.

Protection Measures Before Dip Powder Removal

You must protect your nails throughout the polish removal process. To achieve this…

  • Coat your cuticles with oil to prevent drying
  • If you are using a file drill, be careful not to hurt your nails

The following five methods will help you remove dip powder nails safely at home, according to Future Nail Store (official website)

1. Acetone and foil

After buffing:

  • Soak a cotton ball in acetone
  • Place it on your nail
  • Cover the nail and cotton ball with aluminum foil
  • Wait for about 20 minutes
  • Take off the foil and clean your hands, hydrate, and massage the fingers.
  • The foil traps the heat from your body, so that the polish can peel off quickly.

2. Hot water method

This method follows the procedure mentioned above. But rather than waiting for the body heat to work its magic, you use a bowl of hot water. You put your fingers in a bag so that the water does not mix with the acetone. The nails covered with aluminum foil and plastic bag are dipped in hot water to speed up the process.

3. Hot rice method

By now, you are starting to get the idea for removing dip powder nails. The goal is to provide heat to your nails and acetone, so that the dip powder polish peels off. In this method, you put a bowl of rice in the microwave. Keep checking the temperature to avoid burning your skin off! Now, place the bowl of acetone in the hot rice before using a cotton ball to soak the warm acetone on your nails.

4. The full acetone soak

In this method, you submerge your nails in acetone. However, this method is wasteful and could be unkind to your skin.

5. Warm acetone

The idea behind this method is to activate the acetone by warming it first. Then, you can use acetone and a cotton ball to remove your nail polish. The heat helps speed up the dip powder nail removal. However, it adds to the risks of physical harm as hot acetone can be dangerous.