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The Maldives Would Like To Welcome You, Even During Covid-19, Reports CNN

“Although border constraints and quarantine indicators are currently preventing people from entering many of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, yet another famous country for its stunning features now welcomes all guests — the Maldives”, according to CNN.

Since around July 15, this island country in the Indian Ocean is reopened to foreign tourism and is connected, perhaps surprisingly, with very few lines.

Global travelers — including US citizens — don’t have to join a mandatory quarantine when they arrive at the airport in the capital. Nor would they be asked to provide proof that they have checked negative for coronavirus.

There are no new visa requirements or extra fees to be paid or anything.

One island, one tourist resort

International tourists will only be permitted on the resort islands as in the beginning, and they must book their entire visit in one establishment.

Exclusions will only be provided for transit services, in compliance with the guidelines of the Maldives Government.

As far as Covid-19 prevention is concerned, tourism authorities are banking on the fact that each resort basically already provides its own type of quarantine — albeit a rather pleasant one.

The Maldives consists of 26 atolls packed with over 1,000 islands inhabited by hundreds of resorts, all covering more than 90,000 square kilometers.

Almost all of the Maldives islands built for tourists feature one resort only. If visitors or workers come into contact with somebody who is testing positive for Covid-19, they can be easily traceable in principle while the risk for the spread is held to a minimal.

But as tempting as it sounds to get on a plane for the Maldives right now, tourists will have to deal with the quarantine steps taken by their own nation upon their return — and this may dissuade them from traveling.

“What is important to keep in mind is that it varies not only the Maldives as well as on lifting restrictions on travel in various countries.

Are there any airlines that currently operate there?

Despite the global recession in aviation, it is possible to travel industrially to the Maldives right now, with many major airlines linking via the Middle East.

Which includes the Emirates Airlines, which also provides connections from major international cities such as London, Chicago, Toronto, and Sydney through Dubai.

On July 15 from Doha, Qatar Airways commenced flights to the Maldives providing connections via major hubs namely London, Paris, Frankfurt, Sydney, New York, and Los Angeles.

Brethren UAE carrier Etihad will continue flights to enter the Maldives from Abu Dhabi as of July 16. Turkish Airlines reluctantly commences flights from 17 July.

Keeping in mind that even because the Maldives don’t need tourists to request evidence that they’re COVID-19-free, some flights do, so be careful to verify in advance.

Travelers are expected to answer in health declaration cards on arrival, and they’ll be issued a 30-day tourist visa. Tourists with Covid-19 symptoms will undergo a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test through their own expense and then sent to a designated insulation facility.

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