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The UK’s Priciest Private Number Plates in History

For the elite, celebrities, and aficionados of exclusivity, acquiring expensive private number plates has become a distinctive status symbol, says RightReg. While many of us may only dream of adorning our vehicles with these exclusive registrations, there’s an undeniable fascination in exploring the top-tier of the UK’s most expensive plates. In this article, we delve into the record-breaking sales that have shaped the realm of private number plates, revealing the top 10 most expensive ones to date.

Unveiling the Top 10

  1. 25 O
  • Price paid: £518,480
  • Date sold: November 2014
  • Current asking price: £750,000
  • Topping the list is the illustrious 25 O, purchased in 2014 by classic car dealer John Collins for a staggering £518,000, reported Mirror.co.uk. Its significance lies in a nod to the revered Ferrari 250 TR and Ferrari 250 GTO, with Collins proudly displaying it on his £10 million 1961 Ferrari 250 SWB.
  1. X 1
  • Price paid: £502,500
  • Date sold: November 2012
  • Current asking price: £1 million
  • The venerable X1, created in December 1903, holds its place as the oldest plate on our list. Originally sold in 2012 to an undisclosed buyer (see here), its asking price has nearly doubled, perhaps with visions of gracing the one-of-a-kind McLaren X-1, valued at $5 million.
  1. G 1
  • Price paid: £500,000
  • Date sold: September 2011
  • Current asking price: £1 million
  • In 2011, the G 1 plate held the title of the UK’s most expensive number plate for almost a year. Currently adorning the Aston Martin of an undisclosed owner, it distinguishes itself from the G 1 license plate in Gibraltar, reserved for a government vehicle.
  1. RR 1
  • Price paid: £472,000
  • Date sold: September 2018
  • Current asking price: £500,000
  • With roots dating back to 1925, the RR 1 plate changed hands in 2018 for £472,000. Suspected to have been acquired by representatives of Bentley cars, this plate has a historical allure that adds to its prestige.
  1. F 1
  • Price paid: £440,625
  • Date sold: January 2008
  • Current asking price: £10 million
  • Despite its iconic status, the F 1 plate, last purchased in 2008 by Afzal Kahn, remains in the spotlight. Offers have reportedly reached up to £10 million, yet Kahn refuses to part with this coveted plate currently adorning his Bugatti Veyron.
  1. S 1
  • Price paid: £404,063
  • Date sold: September 2008
  • Current asking price: £1 million
  • Marking the inception of legal number plates in Scotland, the S 1 plate fetched just over £400,000 in 2008. Its current valuation stands at around £1 million, symbolizing the beginning of an era on Scottish roads.
  1. 1 D
  • Price paid: £352,411
  • Date sold: March 2009
  • Current asking price: £500,000
  • Acquired at a DVLA auction as a birthday gift, the 1 D plate, unrelated to the pop boy band One Direction at the time, has seen more modest appreciation compared to its counterparts on the list.
  1. 1 S
  • Price paid: £340,000
  • Date sold: March 2010
  • Current asking price: £600,000
  • Shrouded in mystery, the 1 S plate changed hands in 2010 to a private buyer. Rumored to grace a Rolls Royce Phantom, the motivations behind the purchase remain unknown.
  1. M 1
  • Price paid: £331,500
  • Date sold: June 2006
  • Current asking price: £1 million
  • Gifted by mobile store founder Mike McCoomb to his son in 2006, the M1 plate was a present for a future driver. Its current asking price reflects its potential as both a statement piece and a wise investment.
  1. GB 1
  • Price paid: £325,000
  • Date sold: November 2009
  • Current asking price: £500,000

The GB 1 plate, sold in 2009 and now adorning a Rolls Royce, stands as a testament to its owner’s patriotism and pride.

The allure of expensive private number plates in the UK transcends mere ownership; it represents a fusion of history, personal expression, and investment potential. As these plates continue to capture the imagination of the elite and automotive enthusiasts alike, their symbolic value on the road only intensifies. Whether for status, enjoyment, or investment, these high-end plates remain coveted treasures in the realm of vehicular self-expression.

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