Tips for Choosing the Right Made to Measure Frame

Frames have a significant impact on the appearance of the artworks that you display in them. They come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colours. It is important to choose the right frame that goes well with your picture, as well as the décor style say

If you are planning to get a made to measure frame, here are the tips you should keep in mind before buying one.

Should match the image and home décor

People often choose a frame that only matches the image, and forget to match it with their décor style. The frame you select should not fight against the image as well as the interior style. It should also resonate well with other elements in your home.

For instance, if you have a modern loft theme in your home, go for a metallic frame. But if the theme is coastal style, a wooden frame will go with the design better.

Black or white frames give a classy touch

Black and white are colours that go well with a variety of styles and colours. They look ultra-classy and enhance the beauty of the piece of art as well. You can create a theme by using them for your favourite collection of pictures. For instance, if you have a white picture shelf, you could display black frames on it to create a monochrome theme.

Make your artwork stand out with a floating frame

As the name suggests, a floating frame is designed such that the image seems to be floating inside the frame. The viewer has a sense of three-dimensional depth when looking at the frame, which makes it very eye-catching.

Highlight your artwork with a beautiful easel

You do not have to use easels just for pointing purposes. You can also display your favourite piece of art on it and make your artwork stand out. It will look unique and more eye-catching. What’s more, you can easily move the art piece from one room to the other, as it will be displayed on an easel and not on the wall.

Maintain the balance

If you are planning to hang pictures in groups, it is important to keep all images in each group balanced. For instance, if images of one group are of the same size and shape, it is better to select the same frames for all of them. Then hang them in a balanced way such that they are in line with any large-sized element of your room. Make sure you choose the right position for frames before you start hammering a nail into the wall.

Simplicity is beauty

Simple frames look more elegant and give your home a minimalistic look. If you want to give your images a classic look, go for a black or white frame. They look simple yet striking. You can also choose a bright coloured frame if your home décor is bohemian.

Keep these tips in mind and choose a frame that really enhances the beauty of the picture and your room!

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