Tips for Hanging a Piece of Art

If you already have a beautiful piece of art placed inside a frame, you may now thinking about how to hang it on the wall, so that it looks great! Here are some tips about hanging a piece of art properly.

Change the colour of the frame

If your frame does not match the picture you want to hang in it, you can paint the frame to change its look. Choose a paint colour that goes well with your photograph. Black and white is nearly almost a match for every kind of photograph. So, do consider these colours while choosing your paint.

Double frame your photo

You may have a favourite photograph that you want to show off, or display in your living room, but it just does not look good in the frame due to the size difference. Well, we have got a solution for you!

Get two frames of the same design, colour, and style, then stick the smaller frame inside the larger frame. It will create a double frame look. Place your picture inside the frame and hang it on the wall. It will really transform the art piece, and is a low-cost method of adjusting your small photograph to a fit a larger frame. For more multiple frames wall art, check out

Try metallic paint

Metallic paint can give any old piece of art a glamorous new look. If you have a black and white photograph that does not suit your modern home décor, try painting its border with metallic paint. Gold is one of the most popular colours used for this purpose. You can also try silver, bronze, and copper too if you prefer. Metallic blue and pink are unique paint colour options that you can try, if you wish to create something different.

Write your favourite quote

If an old picture has lost its charm, you can update it by using it as a background for your favourite quote. You can get vinyl letters and stick them to the photo in order to do this. You can also use a stencil to paint words, or write a quote with your own hands, if you know how to do it artistically.

You can also paint the boundary of the vinyl letters and then peel them off. This way, the quote will be directly written on the picture.

Give your frame a vintage look

Sometimes it can be hard to find a frame that matches your old print or photograph. You can sort out this issue by designing your frame on your own. Paint can completely transform a frame. So, use pastel colours to transform your modern frame into a vintage frame.

Give it the personal touch

You can give an old painting, or a charity shop find, your own personal touch by adding a few artistic elements to it. If you have a sunset painting for example, you could change the colour of the sky, or add clouds, if you have the skill to do so. It is a great way of transforming pictures into a unique piece that matches your personality and style.

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