Tips for Improving Productivity When Working at Home

If you’re experienced from working at home, then you’ll already know (or at least heard in some form) the importance of an organized work area and ensuring:  

  • Applied ergonomics.
  • It promotes and maximizes productivity. 
  • And most of all – it’s comfortable and motivating to work in. 

Ideally, you want your work area separate from your home life because you don’t want the wrong mindset on either side. E.g. Lying in bed with your work laptop might be comfortable, but you won’t be in proper work mode and you’ll be more prone to making mistakes and motivation levels will be below standard. Therefore you should consider having a separate room for working. 

Sometimes home circumstances can’t be helped, especially if you’re not in a good position for room space. Analyze your home office and assess whether the spot is appropriate. If your work is shared in the living room, then the best direction is to create a divide between the two functions. If you don’t have an extra room at home, you can consider getting a backyard office shed or a prefab adu.

You want to limit the number of distractions when working, which is why it’s recommended to ensure that your home and work life are as separate as possible. If you’re making notes from an important business call, and your child runs in the room screaming, then it’s going to distract you, spoil accuracy, and sound unprofessional to the caller. 

Sometimes the situations are unavoidable when working at home, but you can assess potential situations and prevent future distractions if you are that good at preparation. 


Office organization is paramount, especially if you’re administrating both a business and your household. 

The one object I can’t do without is my page-a-day diary. It’s all very well keeping reminders, organizers, etc. on the computer. But, what about the days when the computer is broken? Suddenly in need of repair? Or, all of the data gets lost. Whatever happens, your diary will save you from such setbacks, especially if you lose anything that’s non-retrievable after. 

Going back to human basics of pen and paper is very beneficial. You can put everything in there; passwords, schedules, ideas, to-do lists, the list can go on, etc. Keep it on you and take it everywhere. You might meet another business owner who works at home, and if you get inspiration from his office space, then you can jot down notes on colors, what they achieved in effects and what worked the best for productivity. 

Keep it minimal

Keep all your business tools and equipment as minimal as possible. You’ll be surprised at how much clutter causes stress and holds us back on our day-to-day duties, so don’t be shy of spending time keeping your stuff down. 


Minimization can be fun! If you’re shrewd, you can let go of stuff that no longer serves you, and sell it off. You can both the benefits of keeping your workspace clear and making an extra profit on top. 

Use of house plants

A highly recommended practice, especially for keeping the room air fresh and offering a visually pleasing centerpiece. Naturally, they boost the pleasure chemicals in your brain, which helps encourage focus, clarity, and happiness levels. 

It doesn’t have to stop at plants, you can also include: 

  • Art pieces. 
  • Ornaments. 
  • Fish Tank Aquarium 
  • Crafty Models. 

You can take this even further and read up on Feng Shui practices. If you put your heart and soul into your workspace, then through working with the room energies, you can enhance your productivity. There’s even a wide range of crystals with various purposes that can contribute feel-good emotions to the office setup. 

For example: 

  • Clear Quartz. 
  • Topaz
  • Rose Quartz

Use of colors

The coloration of your office space will set the mood and theme of the room. When redecorating, you should consider the color code. What mood do you want to set? Is your work passionate and creative? Then maybe consider red and pink colors. Or, maybe a more traditional tone of white and black if you’re going for a more professional look. 

Deep research your colors and put up a color chart in the office. Also, consider your taste. What is your favorite color? Your work is your pride and joy (or it should be) – so you want the office to represent your favorite dream job. Use your imaginative flair on this, and turn your work into your very own world. 

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