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What Brings You the Buy Box

Different sellers perform on the Amazon platform. Apart from the founder, an external merchant got an opportunity to distribute his/her goods as well. Commonly, a few sellers offer the same brand, but with a somewhat different item description and promotion practices. They are typically called resellers as opposed to the private brand vendors. This situation fosters a competitive environment and ultimately improves the experience of the customers. The Amazon Buy Box is an instrument for the most successful and ambitious third-party sellers from around the globe. If your Amazon seller performance is outstanding, you can acquire a valuable award in this or that category. 

What is Literally the Buy Box?  

This artifact is a small white box located to the right from the product description. If you left-click it, an item adds to your shopping cart. Amazon always attempts to deliver the best product at the best price. For this reason, the top sellers get ranged by the algorithm using many criteria. To rationalize, Amazon assigns each item some score according to its comparably low price and all the existing seller metrics. The best of the best get the Buy Boxes for their items. If you are an experienced third-party seller and you earned the outstanding selling rating, you can sell at a somewhat higher price and remain a lucky box winner. For newbies, the only way to approach the dream is by offering competitive pricing and accumulating positive feedback.

The Buy Box mechanism is a strong selling catalyst. According to Amazon’s official statistics, at least three-quarters of all sales are processed that way. This percentage is higher for the mobile versions of the website. The space on the screen of the smartphone is limited. And the shoppers do not see other seller-selection options before they click the famous buy-button. 

Can You Pretend to the Buy Box?

Not everyone is eligible. First of all, your item must be new as the option does not support the used ones. You must have Professional Account (reserve 40 dollars in the United States). In Europe, the analog is called the Pro-Merchant account. Not all categories of products are eligible. You will see your product-specific status in the Seller Central. Next, the results depend on how well your performance record looks versus other sellers offering the same item.

Buy Box Sharing

If you sell popular goods with many competitors, several sellers can simultaneously use the box, i.e. it looks like they share it. A fraction of someone can be higher than yours based on his/her score. Over time your share may substantially increase. So you almost always have a big goal to pursue. 

Competitive Prices 

Affordable pricing represents the ultimate factor for winning. It means your prices must always be a bit better than those of your competitors. But what would you do if your competitor gets up at night and decreases his/her prices? Right, the dynamics of your sales will suffer in the morning. Online software can assist in such a case. For instance, Repricer.Online spies on the market non-stop and identifies situations when you are not in the cohort of the most affordable vendors. The program reacts immediately. It performs repricing based on the specified rules. When your competitor suddenly decreases prices, Amazon Repricer does the same. As soon as the prices increase again (say, return to a previous level), the program increases item prices accordingly. There are quite a few other options and settings to learn. We suggest you pay closer attention to that code. 

Other Essential Options

Except for low prices and seller ranking, FBA (Amazon warehouse employees process your orders), SFP (offered to outstanding vendors only) influence the chances greatly. In addition, Amazon records and accounts for the aggregated price (includes shipping expenditures) and the shipping time. We suggest that you consider FBA as it is the simplest way for beginners to launch their business. FBA is particularly appealing if your product is not heavy, plus you sell a lot.

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