What Is YouTube Video Captioning, and Why Do You Need It?

YouTube videos are a great source of entertainment and education for millions of people. It’ll shock you that people watch billions of YouTube videos daily. Content creators upload over 300 hours of video content on this platform every 24 hours, according to ZainiMedia.com. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they continually search for effective ways to make their content accessible to bigger audiences. How do you increase the performance of YouTube videos on search engines? One popular method is by adding captions.

What You Stand to Gain From YouTube Captioning

YouTube captioning is the inclusion of text overlays on videos to make dialogue accessible to more people. Captioning can either be open or closed. Closed captions allow the viewer to turn the captioning feature off/on, depending on personal preferences. As for open captions, they’re part of the video and cannot be removed or changed.

Creating captions involves converting the speech from videos into text. Professional transcribers are highly sought after for such important tasks. Captions are excellent tools designed to make your content accessible to people with hearing problems. Other than that, here are a few noteworthy benefits of YouTube captioning.

Boosted Video Views

Captioning is a powerful SEO-boosting tool for video content creators. Google and YouTube index and read the captions on your videos. The complex algorithms used by these platforms rank videos with captions higher. Because of the informative nature of captions, they make your videos appear more appealing to Google and YouTube hence delivering better ranking on search results pages.

Using YouTube closed captioning services is one way to make your video content favored by search engines and ranked at the top of the SERP. The best thing about captioning is its support for integrating keywords and critical key phrases. You can display relevant keywords in your captions and include them in video descriptions to make the videos more visible. When your video content is easily discoverable, more people will watch it. More video traffic leads to better rankings on YouTube’s search result pages.

The fact that professional transcriptionists watch the videos from start to end and convert the speech to text according to sections means accuracy. You’re getting precise captions of your videos professionally curated by competent transcribers.

Better Content Accessibility

The power of video captioning exceeds boosting search engine rankings, says NeilPatel. This might be useful if you’re going for better inclusivity. Captions open doors for your videos to be accessed and watched by everyone, including people with disabilities. The captions present the content, so non-English speaking, deaf, and hard-of-hearing people can access it effortlessly.

Additionally, video captioning makes the videos more versatile. Many people watch clips while at work or traveling and wouldn’t want to disturb those around them. With captions, you can watch the videos in silent mode and still grasp the content. Therefore, those around you won’t even notice or feel annoyed as you watch your favorite videos.

More Engagement

Ever loaded a captivating video in English (spoken with a strong accent) and stopped halfway because you couldn’t understand a thing? Or have you ever come across a trending video that didn’t have any engagement because of unclear audio? These are real-life situations describing the daily happenings in the video creation industry.

Countless content-packed videos never reach the targeted audience because of the discrepancy in language or format. Your videos may never get engagement and high view time if they don’t have an appealing aspect. There’s a fix. Captions add a significant level of relevance to your videos. They add great appeal to your content, driving viewers to engage in the comment section. In this regard, it’s important to keep in mind that videos with captions tend to get higher view time and more engagement.


Captions are a vital part of every successful YouTube video marketing campaign. It has become standard for most brands and businesses to share YouTube videos. Why not take advantage of the many benefits captioning offers to your video creation efforts?