What to Do Before Visiting Madrid

If you are planning an exotic vacation and are hoping to spend your money wisely, then you need to take some time to plan out where your travel budget will go. Visiting Madrid can be a magical experience, with its historical landmarks and rich culture. If you want to make the most of your visit, here are our best tips for vacation planning.

Seasonal Packing Is Important

Spain’s biggest city is not necessarily like the rest of the country. There are no beaches around, so don’t expect to see a lot of shorts and bikini tops in the crowds. Madrid has its varied seasons, and its residents will dress differently for each one. You may be surprised to see little to no athletic clothing worn on the streets, despite the warm temperatures. These stay in the gym in this part of the world.

During Madrid’s winter, the temperature drops down to about 40 degrees, and Spaniards there will wear sweaters, scarves, and layers of clothing. If you aren’t used to the cold, it might be a good idea to pack a winter coat. If you are coming from the Union Apartments Portland, OR, you will be well used to nippy winds and might feel rather warm in Madrid’s version of winter.

Visiting in the springtime is a different matter. The city becomes very warm, and you will want clothing that is breathable and light. Most people will not wear flip-flops away from the pools, but you may find residents in sandals. If you want to fit in, you will have to pay attention even to the kind of shoes you wear. The wrong footwear will quickly expose you as a tourist and get you some funny looks. Be sure to pack some sunscreen for the blistering heat.

In the fall, Madrid offers mild weather that never gets too cold. This season calls for a little layering and perhaps a light jacket.

Definitely Try a City Tour

Because Madrid has so much to offer with its expansive layout and storied history, you will benefit from a guided tour of the city. There is so much to do and see, and you can take a lot of it within a short period of time with a city tour, which we recommend doing early on. That way, you know what kind of activities and sights are available, and you can then decide where you want to focus the rest of your time.

Check out the Markets

We also recommend trying the traditional markets with their wide array of food and other wares. You can sample authentic dishes and find something unique to bring home and remember your visit by.

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