Which Mixture is Closest to Breast Milk?

Almost a century and a half has passed since doctors began to think about how to use pet milk to feed babies left without breast milk. Cow’s milk was first diluted with water, then began to prepare A, B, B mixed with decoctions of cereals and added sugar, and later cream. To facilitate the digestion of foreign protein in cow’s milk tried to add to the mixture of digestive enzymes, hydrochloric or citric acid.

Since the 1940s, children’s diets have included sour milk formulas – kefir, acidophilic milk, etc., but they could not completely solve this complex problem. And only with the further development of scientific knowledge in the field of physiology of the child and its nutrition, as well as with the advent of new methods of analysis and technology of the food industry were created mixtures as close as possible to the composition of all food components and a number of properties to breast milk.

Recommendations for the composition of milk formulas

Breast milk substitutes of different brands differ slightly in nutritional value. Lines have been developed with a mandatory standard set of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins according to the age norm.

Some manufacturers (not all companies) offer improved formulas that include probiotics and prebiotics – this improves the beneficial bacterial flora, establishing a comfortable digestion and stimulating immunity. Nucleotides, DHA, lutein and other components are also added, which make the mixture more similar to breast milk. They develop immunity, brain, vision.

The best baby formulas by composition:

  • Loulouka Stage 1 Formula
  • Hipp Dutch Stage 2
  • Holle Stage 2
  • Bobbie Organic Infant Formula
  • Kendamil

Highly adapted and partially adapted infant formula

Highly adapted or “initial” mixtures in all their components are as close as possible to the composition of human milk. They can be safely given to children from birth. The role of proteins here is played by their serum analogues, which the child’s body absorbs most fully.

Ideally, minerals such as potassium and phosphorus, which are needed by the body to mineralize bone tissue, are found. Most of these formulations are enriched with taurine, a substance that is present in breast milk and is absent in cow’s milk. Numerous studies have shown that this free amino acid has a positive effect on the process of digestion and absorption of fats in the intestine, as well as the development of gray matter in the brain and retina. Its role in the formation of bones and muscles of premature babies is extremely large.

Highly adapted milk formulas also contain nucleotides – substances that are active from a biological point of view, they are involved in the maturation of the baby’s tissues, as well as the formation of his immune system. In addition, they have a positive effect on digestive processes.

Therefore, from birth, children need to be fed highly adapted mixtures, and from 6 months of age you can use partially adapted formulas. They may also contain casein or whey protein, but they only partially repeat the formula of human milk.

Criteria for infant formula:

 • Does not contain dangerous ingredients: preservatives, dyes and flavors;

 • Not greasy and not heavy for the stomach;

 • Vitamins included;

 • Caloric, quickly satisfies hunger;

 • Well soluble in water;

 • Pleasant odor;

 • Natural taste.

A healthy baby’s diet is the key to strong immunity

In order for your child to grow up healthy, smart, energetic, feed him products that meet his age and needs. A great alternative to cow’s milk can be infant formula, which is balanced in all the nutrients needed by the baby, has an optimized protein complex, live BL bifidobacteria – help strengthen the baby’s immune system.

The complex of intelligent lipids plays an important role in the formation of the child’s immune system and promotes the development of the brain and vision. By choosing the best formula for your newborn baby, you can be sure of its quality, safety and benefits. But remember, good food can’t be cheap, so the savings should be reasonable.

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