Why Should You Hire a Title IX Attorney in New Jersey?

If you or anybody you know has been accused under Title IX (see here) in any university or school, the disciplinary proceeding is going to take pretty long. The process is also very critical and complex and you need to work hard to defend the charges. If you are unsuccessful in defending yourself, the negative consequences are massive. One can be suspended or expelled from the institution and this might be noted in your transcript too. But having a Title IX lawyer will help you ease out the disciplinary investigation and you will see yourself in a quick-moving timeline.

A Title IX lawyer is an expert in assessing the school’s procedures and judging the cases for fairness or rightness. They help to provide you with the required defense rights. They will also help you to identify the potential biases on the part of the hearing officers or the investigators. Upon having all of this information, you can be sure that you are proceeding with the due process with fundamental fairness in course of the entire hearing. If the defects are not corrected, they will get noted on the record sheet and they will be preserved till the case is appealed for.

There are certain benefits of hiring this attorney:

  • Guide on a very objective basis to the student or the individual who is accused. This happens through all the stages of the trial process.
  • They help make strategic decisions on your behalf and this will be the best defense against all the prospective charges brought against you.
  • They help the accused to prepare for the interview and the hearings that are part of the disciplinary process.
  • They will also make sure that the institution is following all the Title IX policies (more info) and procedures that they have listed out for themselves.
  • The attorneys will help the accused to cross-examine the complainant and all their witnesses.
  • They will help the accused to document the entire process in case they want to prepare a written appeal if it is necessary.

The Title IX attorneys are experts in dealing with the appeal procedures as well. Most of the institutions will be allowing appeals by either the accused or the complainant. After the hearing process, the attorney will be able to file the appeal on behalf of the accused and take the case forward through there.

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