Why You Should Consider Printing on Metal

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Metal prints are a type of modern printing form that gives your photograph an artistic look, whilst making the image really pop. They are long-lasting, and ensure your artwork lasts for decades to come.

Not sure as to why you should consider printing on metal? Here are the seven reasons to choose metal over other printing mediums…


One of the best things about metal prints is their longevity. You can get a family photo printed on metal, and it will still look as good as it does today in 20 years time.

Metal prints are resistant to changes in temperature, which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. They are waterproof, so hanging them in humid areas like the bathroom won’t damage the color at all.

The sublimation technique is used for printing on metals. In this technique, ink is infused into the metal, which makes the print resistant to scratches. You will not have to put a covering of glass over the metal print for protection. All these features of metal prints make them one of the most durable forms of printing available.

Elegant Look

Metal prints look very elegant and ultramodern. Sublimation makes the colors look vivid and alive. It brings life to the print. Frameless prints look like they are floating on the wall!

Light in Weight

Metal prints are lightweight since they are commonly made from aluminium. It makes them easy to transport and remove. You will not need hooks and nails to hang them, as removable hanging strips will be enough.

Cleanable Surface

You can remove dust or stains from the metal surface without having to worry about damaging the print. Get a microfiber cloth, and spray a little glass cleaning solution onto the metal. The stain will be gone, and the print will look as new as before!

Safer for the Environment

The metal printing process differs from the traditional printing process. It does not produce toxic chemicals and bleaches that cause water pollution. For this reason, printing on metal is considered environmentally friendly.

Fits into any Type of Décor

There is a misconception that metal prints only suit modern décor. The truth is that they look as good in traditional décor, as they do in modern décor. The type of image you choose is one of the factors that affect the print look.

Tons of Customization Options

Metal prints come with tons of customization options. Want a circular metal frame instead of a traditional square or rectangular one? No issue, inform the printing lab of your shape requirements.

You can also get your print in a variety of sizes, as aluminium sheets can be cut down into any required size. For print finishing, you have gloss and matte options. You can also elect for a frameless or a framed metal print.

As you can see, metal prints offer a whole host of different advantages. You can order a metal print from websites such as https://www.portrilux.com/.