Why You Should Use an FD Headhunting Service

Recruiting is one of the most time and cost-intensive decisions any company can make. While traditional recruiting is the backbone of the industry, it isn’t right for every position. Headhunting streamlines the recruitment process and is the go-to choice for companies recruiting leadership roles.

Using an FD headhunting service puts in your control and allows you to recruit in a shorter time frame. Hiring a Financial Director is a vital step in building your company’s financial resilience and ensuring best practices.

Headhunting services ensure you find the right candidate who will become integrated with your company culture as a leader and advisor to the CEO. Choosing to use a headhunting service gives you access to the highest-skilled professionals, including passive candidates who wouldn’t be exposed to traditional recruitment avenues.

Special recruitment agencies, like FD Capital, are experiencing a rise in demand for their FD headhunting services. A headhunting service provides risk management, higher quality candidates, and often proves more cost-effective for companies of every size.

What is a Financial Director?

Financial Directors (known as FDs) are senior financial professionals who oversee their company’s financial department. An FD has overall responsibility for the company’s financial health, including its cash flow and budget. Their work will involve collaborating with other company leaders to build financial resilience and integrate real-time data analysing.

Start-ups and SMEs may choose to hire an FD to take on some of the work and responsibility traditionally assigned to a CFO. The responsibilities of a CFO range from monitoring cash flow to handling financial transactions and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Most FDs will fill a potential skills gap by identifying areas of necessary technological investment to unlock real-time data and forecasting. Other skills gaps that an FD will fill include translating financial concepts and forecasting to ground the company’s decision-making process.

Recruiting a Financial Director provides companies with credibility, particularly when approaching potential investors and financial institutions, says OECD. FDs are considered to bring an unbiased viewpoint to the company’s finance while offering a fresh perspective.

An FD’s forecasting provides the basis for risk management and allows for identifying potential cost-saving strategies. Most FDs will start their role at a new company by conducting an internal audit to identify potential issues and implementing any necessary restructuring.

What is an FD vs. CFO?

The position of FD and CFO can occasionally overlap, but they’re two separate roles. A CFO has c-suite leadership responsibilities with an FD reporting to them. While the FD will manage the company’s day-to-day financial management, the CFO will oversee its long-term financial strategy, investor relations, and investments.

Headhunting Services vs. Traditional FD Recruitment

Companies can choose between traditional recruitment and headhunting services when hiring an FD. Both options work for companies at different stages of their development and for different roles. FD headhunting services are ideal for companies looking for a quick replacement or who want to keep the process confidential.

FD headhunting services work with a proactive strategy. A headhunter will seek out potential candidates from within their network, including ‘passive’ candidates who are not actively applying for positions.

Utilising an FD headhunter service provides exposure to high-quality candidates with a guarantee of filling your position. The headhunting process can be tailored to suit your company’s time frame and management needs.

By comparison, traditional recruitment takes a reactive strategy for hiring FDs. The position will be advertised across suitable platforms, attracting candidates who are actively applying for a new position. While recruiters will also reach out to candidates in their network, the recruitment process will be longer than working with a headhunter as each stage is handled separately.

How to Headhunt an FD

It’s best to work with a recruitment agency that offers an FD headhunting service to provide you with the most effective way to fill the position. Agencies like FD Capital operate with an extensive network of professionals and can provide a short list of candidates within a tight deadline.

FD headhunters will start by identifying the needs of your company and what specific skills and experience your ideal candidate should bring to the role. A headhunter will also consider your company’s budget, market position, and skills needs.

Why You Should Use an FD Headhunting Service

Using an FD headhunting service is a more cost and time-effective alternative to internal recruitment. Outsourcing recruitment widens the potential candidate pool and enables companies to tailor the FD role to suit their business needs.

An FD is a vital leader within a company, whether it’s at a pre-revenue stage or experiencing rapid growth. Utilising a headhunting service allows you to find a candidate who will form a winning relationship with the company’s existing leadership team. An FD’s financial forecasting is vital to influencing the company’s forward-thinking strategy.

Headhunting an FD provides access to a wider talent pool of candidates, including those who specialise in your industry niche. These candidates will be prepared to apply for positions that can further their careers or expand their experience. A company can use headhunting services to recruit a part-time, full-time, or interim FD.

Headhunting provides a more discreet method of recruitment, particularly for positions that a company doesn’t want to publicly advertise. A headhunter will confidentiality oversee the hiring process and privately shortlist and introduce potential candidates.

Why You Should Use an FD Headhunting Service

Using an FD headhunting service will boost employee retention, lower recruitment costs, and build your team for the future. There are three reasons why every company should consider using an FD headhunting service.

  1. Shorter Recruitment Times

Headhunters work proactively, allowing them to deliver a short list of candidates within a shorter deadline. Using an FD headhunting service is ideal for companies that need a quick replacement or have an urgent project that requires an FD.

  1. High-Quality Candidates

An FD headhunter has access to passive candidates, including industry experts. Getting access to a headhunter’s expanded talent pool increases the probability of finding the right candidate for your position. You’re guaranteed to find a candidate to fill your FD position.

  1. Risk Management

Not every candidate ends up being the right fit for a role. Using an FD headhunting service minimises the risk of not finding the most suitable candidate for your company. Your headhunter will search for a candidate with the skills and experience your company needs and the personality to adapt to your company culture.

Start the processing on headhunting a Financial Director today by contacting FD Capital at recruitment@fdcapital.co.uk

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